11 of the best spots for Taco Tuesday—recommended by Huntsvillians

Taco Tuesday In Huntsville
Cheers to Taco Tuesday! Photo via Agave & Rye Huntsville Facebook

Tuesdays are the perfect time to talk taco favorites in Huntsville. ¿Por qué? Two words. Taco Tuesday. We got recommendations from Huntsvillians on Facebook and Instagram. Read on for places you might already love and places you need to try.

1. Taco Mama

Taco Tuesday In Huntsville
I am a huge fan of Taco Mama’s quesadillas. Photo via Taco Mama Twickenham Facebook

If you haven’t had Taco Mama, you are missing out.

2. Agave & Rye

Taco Tuesday In Huntsville
My personal fave. Photo via Agave & Rye Huntsville Facebook

You’ll want to check out the epic tacos at Agave & Rye. Trust me.

3. Taqueria las Adelitas

Taco Tuesday In Huntsville
What do you like on your tacos? Photo via Taqueria Las Adelitas Facebook

I know we’re all about tacos on Taco Tuesday, but the fajitas are to die for.

4. Hops N Guac

Taco Tuesday In Huntsville
10/10. Photo via Hops N Guac Facebook

You’ll find Hops N Guac at Campus No. 805. Make a night of it.

Something to keep in mind—they have a great beer selection on their pour-it-yourself wall.

5. Charrito’s Bar & Grill

Taco Tuesday In Huntsville
Huntsvillians raved about Charrito’s. Photo via Charrito’s Bar & Grill Facebook

Huntsville can’t get enough of this Providence spot. Check it out for yourself.

6. Bandito Burrito Co.

Taco Tuesday In Huntsville
Is it really Taco Tuesday without a margarita? Photo via Bandito Burrito Co. Facebook

Don’t feel like going out to eat? You can order Bandito Burrito Co. online—easily, I might add!

*Bandito Burrito Co. has closed for the Sundays in October. Get your Sunday taco fix in November!

7. Taqueria El Cazador

Taco Tuesday In Huntsville
Are you getting in line this Taco Tuesday? Photo via Taqueria El Cazador Facebook

Taqueria El Cazador used to be the “Taco Bus” on Governors Drive. It now has a home at Stovehouse.

8. Rosie’s Mexican Cantina

Taco Tuesday In Huntsville
Do you like your tacos hard shell or soft shell? Photo via Rosie’s Mexican Cantina University Drive Facebook

When I first moved here, I asked what Huntsville restaurants were a must. Everyone told me Rosie’s. I get why now.

9. Little Rosie’s Taqueria

Taco Tuesday In Huntsville
I’m dying for a Little Rosie’s breakfast taco. Photo via Little Rosie’s Taqueria Facebook

They also insisted I try Little Rosie’s. Every Huntsvillian has a preference between the two. What’s yours?

10. El Calzador

Taco Tuesday In Huntsville
Mouthwatering. Photo via Eat Huntsville Facebook

Want authentic (and delicious) Mexican food? El Calzador is the spot for you.

11. El Coyote

Taco Tuesday In Huntsville
Delish! Photo via Emily Kent for The Bama Buzz

This is a frequent spot for my friends and I. We hope to see you celebrating Taco Tuesday there, too!

Hey Huntsville, what Taco Tuesday faves did we miss? Tag us on social @thebamabuzz and let us know.

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Emily Kent
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