5 charming Auburn restaurants that you can’t find anywhere else

The Hound Full Pic
The Hound in Auburn. Photo via Emilyn Hamn for the Bama Buzz

Auburn, Alabama’s small town feel makes it the perfect candidate for some one-of-a-kind restaurants. Good food is something that is very important to this community, and there is definitely no shortage of it. We have found 5 restaurants that are very special to Auburn, and you won’t find them anywhere else!

1. Amsterdam Cafe

Amsterdam Sign
Amsterdam Cafe. Photo via Emilyn Hamn for the Bama Buzz

Amsterdam Cafe is definitely an Auburn classic and favorite. With an awesome outside sitting area and plenty of room inside, it really is a great space. They have a wide variety of options on their lunch and dinner menus, plus they offer curbside pick-up.

2. Acre

Acre in Auburn. Photo via Emilyn Hamn for the Bama Buzz

Acre is the perfect spot to visit for a fancy night out to dinner. On the nicer side, this restaurant offers classic southern cooking with a master’s twist. Take your pick of the peaceful patio or beautiful interior of this beloved spot in Auburn. Don’t forget to stick around for a famous dessert charcuterie board!

3. The Hound

The Hound Full Pic
The Hound in Auburn. Photo via Emilyn Hamn for the Bama Buzz

“Bacon and Bourbon” is the mantra of this unique restaurant, so you can imagine all of the magic that happens inside. The Hound is family owned and operated, so it is a great place to take your own family for a hearty meal. It gets even better- The Hound is connected to Coffee Cat, so you can order a specialized latte right from your table.

4. Lucy’s

Their slogan “Good vibes only” remains true for Lucy’s restaurant in Auburn. Every part of this place is aesthetically pleasing, including the delicious food and renowned drinks. They have a wonderful lunch and dinner menu, but you really don’t want to miss out on their brunch.

5. Hamilton’s on Magnolia

Hamilton’s in Auburn. Photo via Emilyn Hamn for the Bama Buzz

Hamilton’s is in the heart of downtown, and it is a true timeless spot in Auburn. With a light and friendly atmosphere, it is the perfect place to come grab lunch or dinner. You’ll feel right at home in this very family friendly restaurant. Check out their other great location on Ogletree.

Sharing a sit down meal around the table with some good food and company is hard to beat. We especially love these places because they are strictly unique to Auburn. Go out and support our local restaurants, you won’t regret it!

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