A guide to 6 unique coffee shops in Auburn

The Bean Coffee Shop
The Bean Coffee Shop. Photo via Emilyn Hamn for the Bama Buzz

The community of Auburn, Alabama runs on cute coffee shops. It seems like there is a different coffee shop around every corner you turn. They are each so unique and special with something different to offer. We have highlighted the 6 most classic coffee shops in Auburn!

1. Ross House

Ross House Coffee
Ross House Coffee and Roastery. Photo via Emilyn Hamn for the Bama Buzz

This popular coffee shop was previously a home for college students until it was turned into The Ross House. Its multiple rooms and layout make it feel like a homey place to get work done and grab a cup of joe. Students flock here for their famous oatmeal steamer and mocha-chip muffins. Is there anything better than a pretty day, a front porch, and some coffee?

2. Ristretto Lounge

Ristretto Lounge
Ristretto Lounge. Photo via Emilyn Hamn for the Bama Buzz

Ristretto Lounge is a coffee shop with an authentic Japanese and Korean twist to it. With a clean and simple aesthetic, it is a great place for people to grind out some hard work. The wide open space and amazing natural light make it a hard one to beat. Chatting with friends downstairs or studying for a test upstairs, Ristretto has a spot for everyone.

3. Coffee Cat

This coffee shop is definitely one of Auburn students’ top favorite places to go. You are very likely to run into a loving pet during your visit to Coffee Cat, as animals are allowed here! With beautiful art and plants hanging along the walls, it has a great atmosphere to relax and drink a delicious latte.

  • Address: 124 Tichenor Avenue, Auburn AL 36830
  • Contact: 334.744.1953 | Instagram |  Facebook

4. The Bean

This 70s inspired coffee shop is family owned and operated. Get cozy and sit on one of their couches or stay focused in a school chair—either way it will be an enjoyable experience! The Bean is known around town for its one-of-a-kind cinnamon rolls.

5. Mama Mocha’s

Mama Mochas
Mama Mocha’s window front. Photo via Emilyn Hamn for the Bama Buzz

In order to be COVID-safe, Mama Mocha’s is currently only open for ordering up at the window. It is the perfect quick stop-by spot for a coffee on the go. Mama Mocha’s Coffee Emporium has a grunge feel and a cool reputation for embracing the noise of Auburn.

6. Well Red

Well Red has very quickly become an Auburn classic and favorite after opening up just over the summer. It is always packed with students during the day getting some good work done. Not only is it a coffee shop, but there is a huge selection of books for sale and turns into a wine bar at night! They also have a stunning and eclectic interior that never gets old to look at.

Coffee shops have always been an important part of this town, but they have been especially useful during these hard times. Whether it is a student in online classes or a work-from-home resident getting out of the house, coffee shops are serving a large duty this year for many folks’ serotonin levels.

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