5 delicious restaurants hidden in Tuscaloosa

The Avenue Pub Is Always A Great Idea. Photo Via The Avenue Pub On Facebook
The Avenue Pub is always a great idea. Photo via The Avenue Pub on Facebook

With classes back in session, Tuscaloosa is more crowded than ever. There’s no better way to escape than with a delicious meal tucked away in T-Town. We chose five hidden restaurant gems that will be perfect for your next relaxing meal.

Antojitos Izcali

No Photo Can Do The Authentic And Delicious Flavors At Antojitos Proper Justice. Photo Via Antojitos On Facebook
No photo can do the authentic and delicious flavors at Antojitos proper justice. Photo via Antojitos on Facebook

Antojitos Izcali is my favorite restaurant in town, hands down. They serve up authentic Mexican food at an incredibly affordable price. Everything on the menu is fresh and delicioso. Not to mention, the service is fast and friendly. I love Antojitos’ gorditos and huaraches, which taste like quesadillas but a hundred times better. They also serve up a mean strawberries and creme dessert, so come hungry!

The Strawberries And Creme At Antojitos Is The Perfect Way To Finish Off A Meal. Photo Via Antojitos
The strawberries and creme at Antojitos is the perfect way to finish off a meal. Photo via Antojitos on Facebook

The Avenue Pub

The Avenue Pub Is Always A Great Idea. Photo Via The Avenue Pub On Facebook
The Avenue Pub is delicious. Photo via The Avenue Pub on Facebook

The Avenue Pub serves up a winning meal at any time of day. It’s the perfect spot for brunch, dinner or happy hour. I love going to The Avenue Pub on Sunday mornings, when you can often grab brunch with an acoustic performance.

Archibald and Woodrow’s

Doesn'T This Picture Scream Delicious? Photo Via Archibald And Woodrow'S On Facebook
Doesn’t this picture scream delicious? Photo via Archibald and Woodrow’s on Facebook

If you’re craving some Bama BBQ, look no further than Archibald and Woodrow’s. The down-home joint has an extensive menu with endless flavors to discover. I’m partial to a country dinner from Archibald’s, which is the perfect way to sample a few veggies while indulging in some delicious meat. Sports Illustrated even named the ribs at Archibald’s as their #1 college town meal.

Nick’s in the Sticks

Nick'S In The Sticks Is Truly An Iconic Spot In Tuscaloosa. Photo Via Nick'S In The Sticks On Facebook
Nick’s in the Sticks is truly an iconic spot in Tuscaloosa. Photo via Nick’s in the Sticks on Facebook

Just outside Tuscaloosa, you can find one of the most unique steakhouses in Alabama. Nick’s in the sticks serves to die for steaks and more at a killer price. Nothing on their menu is a bad choice, and everything on their menu will make you a lifelong fan. Nick’s in the Sticks is also known for their drink “The Nicodemis,” which tastes sweet while it works strong and fast.


Hooligans Has One Of The Best Burgers In Town At A Great Price. Photo Via Hooligans On Facebook
Hooligans has one of the best burgers in town at a great price. Photo via Hooligans on Facebook

Hooligans is a Tuscaloosa institution. The Mediterranean and American restaurant is the perfect spot for a casual lunch or dinner. I have a special place in my heart for Hooligans’ Cajun fries, which go great with burgers or gyros.

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