7 Outdoor Dining Spots in Tuscaloosa, including Rama Jama’s

The Iconic Facade Of Rama Jama'S.
Tuscaloosa has so many awesome outdoor dining options, including Rama Jama’s. Photo by Libby Foster for The Bama Buzz.

With the weather warming up and vaccines rolling out, there’s never been a better time to dine outside. Whether it be a rooftop restaurant, a biergarten or a sports bar, Tuscaloosa has plenty to offer. Here are some of our favorite outdoor dining spots in T-Town.

1. Druid City Social

Druid City Social is my favorite outdoor dining spot in Tuscaloosa. The recently opened restaurant has ample seating in its extensive yet intimate biergarten. I start a night at Druid City Social with the biergarten pretzel and some springtime cocktails. Their burgers and pastas are the perfect main dishes for any occasion. Check the restaurant’s social media ahead of time to see if they’ll be hosting any live performers!

2. FIVE Bar

FIVE Bar is a Tuscaloosa classic at any time of day. A favorite spot of The Bachelor’s Alabama Hannah, Five is open for breakfast and dinner. Stop by Five Java from 8 AM to 3 PM for some awesome coffee and pastry options. The restaurant also has a great happy hour and dinner menu. This classy establishment sold me on Tuscaloosa two years ago, and it never gets old.

3. River

River is the perfect way to make any occasion feel special. The upscale establishment elevates Southern classics like Alabama catfish to gourmet cuisine. Great service and a talented team of chefs makes River the ideal dinner spot!

4. The Lookout Rooftop Bar @ Hotel Indigo

The Rooftop Bar And Restaurant At Hotel Indigo.
The Lookout Rooftop Bar just before dinnertime. Photo via The Lookout Rooftop Bar’s Facebook.

The Lookout Rooftop Bar is a great spot to catch the breeze as the summer heat sets in. Located on top of the Hotel Indigo, The Lookout has some of the best views in town. Chef Alan Parker serves up locally sourced dishes that are perfect for any mood.

Pro tip: The Lookout has a great happy hour and live performances every Thursday.

5. Another Broken Egg Cafe

Another Broken Egg Cafe is the ultimate Tuscaloosa brunch spot. Located a couple of minutes away from campus and right on the Black Warrior River, Another Broken Egg starts any morning off right. Try the shrimp and grits for a comforting and delicious breakfast.

6. Side by Side

The Side by Side lives up to their motto of “more than just a hotel restaurant.” Attached to the Embassy Suites, Side by Side offers some of the best outdoor dining in Tuscaloosa. Their pork belly appetizer is the perfect way to spice up the night, while their homemade bread pudding finishes things off nice and sweet.

7. Rama Jama’s

The Iconic Facade Of Rama Jama'S.
The iconic facade of Rama Jama’s. Photo by Libby Foster for The Bama Buzz.

Rama Jama’s cooks up burgers and breakfast in the shadows of Bryant Denny Stadium. The Tuscaloosa classic has ample outdoor seating with a view of the stadium where legends are made. To celebrate Alabama’s recent national title, order the National Championship Burger, which boasts 17 ounces of meat and cheese. Rama Jama’s also has great milkshakes, chili dogs and omelettes.

For more on great outdoor dining in Alabama, check out a few of the options in Mobile.

What is your favorite outdoor dining restaurant in Tuscaloosa? Tag us @bamabuzz to let us know!

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