5 new openings in Tuscaloosa to check out this fall

The entrance to Cocktail Collection beside SoCal Cantina. (Grace Brindley / The Bama Buzz)

Tuscaloosa offers some amazing historical restaurants and bars— the Waysider and Rama Jama’s to name a couple—but it’s always fun to try something new. Here are five recent openings in Tuscaloosa to spice up your schedule.

1. Brown’s Corner

Sarah Gronberg
Brown’s Corner atop Half Shell Oyster House. (Sarah Gronberg / The Bama Buzz)

This new speakeasy is sure to jazz up your night. I recommend grabbing dinner downstairs at Half Shell Oyster House, and then going up to the third floor to visit this iconic cocktail lounge. Brown’s Corner offers fun 1920s inspired drinks such as a variety of Old Fashions, martinis and more.

2. The Deli Press

Deli Press
The Soloman from Deli Press with the white cheddar mac n’ cheese side is an epic combo. (Grace Brindley / The Bama Buzz).

This new sandwich shop is the perfect lunch destination. I recommend the Soloman which is loaded with protein packed into a delish deli roll.

3. Jack Brown’s

The Jack Brown'S In Tuscaloosa
The new Jack Brown’s in Tuscaloosa. (Grace Brindley / The Bama Buzz)

This unique beer and burger joint has everything from the Greg Brady, a burger with mac n’ cheese and barbecue chips, to the Elvis, a burger with peanut butter and applewood smoked bacon. Plus, Jack Brown’s includes a “Notch Club” for craft beer fans. If you drink all 100 beers on the list, you can join the club!

4. The Veganish Market

The Palm Springs smoothie at Veganish. (Grace Brindley / The Bama Buzz)

Smoothies. Salads. Tacos. Burgers. What more could you ask for? Veganish includes food for vegetarians and carnivores alike. I recommend the Palm Beach smoothie, which tastes exactly like a Pina Colada.

5. The Cocktail Collection

Cocktail collection. (Grace Brindley / The Bama Buzz)

Another speakeasy just opened next door to SoCal Cantina, a delish Mexican restaurant downtown. Cocktail Collection is hidden behind a soda machine and just started serving drinks this past Saturday for Homecoming. Be sure to check it out, perhaps after a taco or two.

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Grace Brindley
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