5 of the best fall drinks to order at Tuscaloosa coffee shops

Tuscaloosa Coffee Shops
New coconut almond syrup at one of the Tuscaloosa coffee shops, Turbo Coffee. Photo via Turbo Coffee Tuscaloosa

Fall flavors are a personal favorite of mine. With tastes of cinnamon spice, apple, pumpkin and nutmeg wafting through coffee shops this season, it’s hard to make a decision on which drink to choose. Thankfully you have us, and we did some digging on the best fall drinks to order at Tuscaloosa coffee shops.

1. S’MORES Latte—Monarch Espresso Bar

Tuscaloosa Coffee Shops
The S’MORES latte in all its glory at one of the best Tuscaloosa coffee shops. Photo via Monarch Coffee Bar Facebook

This decadent latte at Monarch Espresso Bar will taste like you’re drinking liquid coffee S’mores. With a perfect mix of espresso, milk, s’mores syrup, graham cracker dust and a homemade torched marshmallow, this will be your new favorite dessert and coffee in one.

2. Toasted Coconut Almond Latte—Turbo Coffee

Turbo Coffee
A new fave of the Tuscaloosa coffee shops. Photo via Turbo Coffee Tuscaloosa

Turbo Coffee in Tuscaloosa just released their new fall flavors including their Toasted Coconut Almond Syrup. This nutty, sweet syrup goes well in any of their drinks, but I always prefer a nice hot latte on chilly fall days.

3. Heritage House Coffee and Tea

Tuscaloosa Coffee
Pumpkin Spice is here! Photo via Heritage House Coffee and Tea

Get ready for a fall classic, because the Pumpkin Spice Latte is back at Heritage House Coffee and Tea. Ditch the national chain alternative, and pick the pumpkin spice latte crafted with care at Heritage House. Bonus: they also serve crêpes and scones in seasonal flavors, so you can’t pass that up.

4. White Chocolate Pumpkin Frappé—Just Love Coffee Cafe

Tuscaloosa Coffee Shops
The White Choclate Pumpkin Frappé and Pumpkin Waffles. Photo via Just Love Coffee Cafe Tuscaloosa Facebook

Brace yourself for a pumpkin overload. If you love pumpkin, you have to get the White Chocolate Pumpkin Frappé at Just Love Coffee Cafe. It’s sweet, creamy and full of delicious pumpkin spice flavor.

Pair it with their mouth-watering pumpkin chocolate chip waffles—you won’t regret it.

5. The Spice of Life—UPerk

Tuscaloosa Coffee Shops
Craving some coffee at Tuscaloosa coffee shops? I know we are when it comes to UPerk. Photo via UPerk Facebook

The Spice of Life drink at UPerk Coffee is your classic Cortado with a pinch of cinnamon and nutmeg. Top it off with a honey drizzle and this sweet, spiced drink will quickly become a go-to order.

This one’s definitely for the caffeine lovers since a Cortado is the fancy name for pure espresso with just two ounces of steamed milk.

Did we miss any of your favorite fall drinks in Tuscaloosa? Let us know by tagging us @thebamabuzz

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