Celebrate National Coffee Day with the most popular drinks at 4 Tuscaloosa coffee shops

Turbo Coffee Tuscaloosa
There are plenty of tasty and energizing ways to celebrate National Coffee Day in Tuscaloosa. Photo via Turbo Coffee Roasters

National Coffee Day couldn’t come at a better time in Tuscaloosa. Wednesday, September 29 falls right in the middle of a busy work week and semester. Thankfully, Tuscaloosa has plenty of delicious cafés for a National Coffee Day pick-me-up. We visited our favorite coffee shops in Tuscaloosa and gathered a list of the most popular drinks around town to celebrate.

1. Monarch Espresso Bar

Monarch Coffee Tuscaloosa
The Cuban coffee at Monarch is their most popular drink. Photo via Libby Foster for The Bama Buzz

Monarch Espresso Bar is a classic meet up spot for coffee junkies. The craft café serves up espresso, cold brew, seasonal specials and more. Their menu is extensive, and nothing is a bad choice. The most popular drink at Monarch Espresso, however, is “The Shields,” or their take on Cuban coffee. The drink is sweet and energizing, as the main ingredient is sweetened espresso.

2. Heritage House Coffee

Heritage House Coffee Tuscaloosa
The inside of Heritage House’s riverfront location is so warm and inviting! Photo via Heritage House Coffee

Heritage House serves up my personal favorite drink in Tuscaloosa, the iced Heritage House special. The most popular drinks at the coffee shop, however, are the caramel macchiato and the sugar daddy. Any of these drinks are the perfect way to celebrate national coffee day. Even better, Heritage House was the first ever local coffee shop in Tuscaloosa. Heritage House has two locations in town, one in Northport and one on the Black Warrior River. Both are filled with rustic and inviting decor, which makes their drinks even sweeter.

Heritage House Coffee Tuscaloosa
Heritage House also brought back their pumpkin spice latte just in time for fall! Photo via Heritage House Coffee

3. Turbo Coffee Roasters

Turbo Coffee Tuscaloosa
Turbo Coffee is a popular spot for coffee every day of the week. Photo via Turbo Coffee Roasters

Without a doubt, Turbo Cofee lives up to its motto, “making people faster.” The coffee shop roasts all of its coffee in house and makes all of its syrups by hand. The most popular drink at Turbo is the motto mocha, which is a cold brew mixed with chocolate milk and chocolate syrup. If you’re looking for something seasonal, try their honey vanilla or cinnamon latte.

4. Just Love Coffee Co.

Just Love Tuscaloosa
The toffee coffee at Just Love is delicious! Photo via Libby Foster for The Bama Buzz

Just Love Coffe Co. has endless options to celebrate National Coffe Day. The downtown cafe has an extensive menu that makes it the perfect place for a quick stop or a sit down meal. Just Love’s specialty lattes are their most popular drinks, and the toffee coffee takes the cake as their most ordered drink.

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