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Zoe Roberts Of Pierce Farms
Zoe Roberts of Pierce Farms. Photo via The Bama Buzz

Next time you pass through Chilton County, plan to slow down and stay awhile. From farm stands to lakes to beautiful houses tucked away on country roads, you’re sure to find something fun. To get the inside scoop on why people love Chilton County, we talked with three RealtySouth agents who are experts in this area: Sandy Pate, Pete Bernier and Peggy Hall. Keep reading to find out what we learned.

Find out why people are flocking to Chilton County

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that a lot of work can be done from anywhere and that it’s important to make the most of life. With a friendly, relaxed lifestyle, beautiful landscapes and an easy commute in either direction, Chilton County offers something special.

1. You can get the freshest produce anywhere on earth

Chilton County Produce
Pierce Farms Produce Stand. Photo via The Bama Buzz

It’s no surprise to anybody who’s ever been to the beach in Alabama that Chilton County has some of the best peaches on God’s green earth.

If you’ve ever stopped for ice cream in Clanton, you’ll know you can also get all kinds of other fresh produce in this largely agricultural county that lies smack dab in the middle of the state.

Want to check it out for yourself? Sample some of Chilton County’s tastiest offerings at this year’s Peach Jam Jubilee 2021:

  • When: Saturday, June 26, 3-10PM
  • What to expect: entertainment, vendors + food trucks: fun for the whole family
  • Where: Clanton City Park
  • Call 205-755-2400 | Website

2. No matter where you go, you’re just minutes from fun on the water

Fishing In Chilton County
Chilton County Lake Living. Photo via Jim Pack for The Bama Buzz

Chilton County’s lakes are hot, and we’re not talking about the temperature. Lake Mitchell, Lay Lake and Lake Jordan are within 30-45 minutes of anywhere in the county.

Realtor Pete Bernier, who’s lived on Lake Mitchell for 15 years, described the appeal:

“The lakes have great recreational areas for family activities, including water sports, skiing and fishing. Lake Mitchell is a gorgeous lake—a great place to escape and enjoy the outside.”

According to Bernier and the other agents, lakefront property is selling like hotcakes right now.

Have a home or lot in Chilton County you’d like to list? Reach out to RealtySouth today.

3. Slow down and enjoy the peaceful Chilton County lifestyle

While some people’s idea of paradise is playing in and on the water, others want to sit around, cook and enjoy the scenery, according to Realtor Sandy Pate.

She loves how you get both the small-town feeling and the easy convenience of getting to shops and jobs without traffic jams on the little country roads.

“The people here are very friendly. We have a lot of churches that keep the youth involved in activities, and even have a church service on the lake. You can listen to the service while you’re wearing shorts and sitting in your boat.”

Sandy Pate, RealtySouth

If you’re headed down to Chilton County, here are some places you’ve got to check out:

When it comes to real estate, says Pate, there’s something for everybody, whether you’re dreaming of living on a farm or a lake, or want to relocate to a home with your own pool, outdoor grill, a pond and some land.

4. Live in Chilton County and work remotely with an easy commute to Birmingham or Montgomery

One of the big takeaways from 2020 is that a lot more work than we originally thought can be done remotely. With that, Pete Bernier says,

“People are realizing that with the internet, if they can work remotely, they might as well work remotely from a beautiful place. Why not work from your front porch while enjoying a great view?”

One of the many unique homes tucked away in Chilton County is Yellowleaf Creek Mill, just outside of Clanton. Since 2014, this restored historic 1850s-era grist mill has served as a wedding and special events venue.

If a restored grist mill with a gorgeous 150-foot waterfall isn’t exactly what you had in mind, there’s also plenty of new construction as well as other options. Bonus: prices tend to run $25-50k less than something comparable in the surrounding areas.

“Halfway between Birmingham and Montgomery, with an easy commute of 30-45 minutes in either direction, Chilton County is very attractive to people who want to get out of the hustle and bustle of the city.”

Pete Bernier, RealtySouth

5. Experience medical care + new job opportunities

St. Vincent'S Chilton
Ascension St. Vincent’s Chilton County won two distinguished awards in 2020 for top-notch service and patient satisfaction. Photo via St. Vincent’s Health System

If easy access to good medical care is on your mind, you’ll be comforted to know that St. Vincent’s Chilton opened in 2016. Not only does this hospital employ a lot of people, but during the pandemic they’ve been racking up big rewards for both service and satisfaction.

One exciting project that’s coming soon, according to Realtor Peggy Hall, who’s also on the board of the Chilton County Chamber of Commerce, is the Alabama Farm Center at Alfa Centennial Park. They’re expecting this project to bring 400 jobs, 800K visitors and $40-50m economic impact to the county. Wow.

Finally, just in case you’re craving culture? You can always enjoy a weekend in Montgomery where you can visit the Alabama Shakespeare Festival or head to the ‘Ham.

Eager to embrace the country lifestyle or lake living?

If you want to see what’s on offer in Chilton County, or if you’d like to list a home, Sandy Pate, Pete Bernier and Peggy Hall of RealtySouth’s Chilton County office area ready to help.

Ready to buy or sell a home in Chilton County? Contact RealtySouth today.

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