5 spots for the ultimate tailgate in Tuscaloosa

Houndstooth Tuscaloosa
Roll tide folks. Photo via The Houndstooth on Facebook

Roll tide, y’all! The University of Alabama’s first home game of the season is Saturday, September 11, and T-Town will be filled with loyal tide fans. To celebrate, we have you covered with the ultimate spots for your Tuscaloosa pregame or tailgate.

1. Innisfree Irish Pub

Innisfree Is Perfect For A Pregame Or Tailgate. Photo Via Innisfree On Facebook
Innisfree is perfect for a pregame or tailgate. Photo via Innisfree on Facebook

Innisfree is a student favorite in Tuscaloosa. The Irish pub is the life of the party all year, but especially during tailgate season. Affectionately known as “The Free” around town, the bar serves up killer pub fare and more. Head to the Free on game day to see what all the hype is about.

Innisfree Tuscaloosa
Roll tide to that! Photo via Innsifree Pub on Facebook

2. Gallette’s

Galette'S Is Truly A Tuscaloosa Classic. Photo Via Libby Foster For The Bama Buzz
Galette’s is truly a Tuscaloosa classic. Photo via Libby Foster for The Bama Buzz

Gallette’s has been a game day classic since 1976. The bar sits at the very beginning of The Strip in Tuscaloosa, and is about as close to Bryant-Denny Stadium as you can get. If it’s your first time in Tuscaloosa, start your tailgate off right with the famous Yellowhammer at Gallette’s.

3. The Houndstooth

Houndstooth Tuscaloosa
Fun fact: The Houndstooth has the largest whiskey selection in all of Tuscaloosa. Photo via The Houndstooth on Facebook

Plenty of comfortable seating is a must for a football tailgate. Luckily, The Houndstooth on University Boulevard’s The Strip is filled with indoor and outdoor seats. The sports bar also serves up killer wings and cocktails. If you’re looking for a spirited sports bar this game day, look no further than The Houndstooth.

4. Moe’s Original BBQ

Moe'S Bbq Tuscaloosa
Bushwackers anyone? Photo via Moe’s BBQ on Facebook

There’s nothing better than Bama BBQ on game day. Moe’s Original BBQ brings classic Southern drinks and cuisine together in perfect harmony. Moe’s is also right next to other favorites like World of Beer and the Grocery Brewpub, so it’s a great place to start some tailgate bar hopping.

5. World of Beer

World Of Beer Is The Perfect Spot For A Gameday Breakfast, Lunch, Pregame Or Tailgate! Photo Via Libby Foster For The Bama Buzz
World of Beer is the perfect spot for a gameday breakfast, lunch, pregame or tailgate! Photo via Libby Foster for The Bama Buzz

Last but certainly not least, World of Beer is a classic Tuscaloosa tailgate spot. The restaurant and bar has ample food and drink options, so there’s something for everyone. I recommend World of Beer for a more laid back tailgate energy.

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