9 thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift ideas from local Auburn businesses

Valentine'S Day Gift Ideas
Valentine'S Day Gift
Gift Ideas
Shop locally-made goodies for Valentine’s Day this year (Elizabeth Hobbs / The Bama Buzz)

If you want to get your loved one something special and creative for Valentine’s Day that *isn’t* chocolates and flowers, this is the guide for you! Even if you’re not an Auburn local, you can find most of these items at local businesses.

Read on for thoughtful, last-minute-friendly Valentine’s Day gift ideas that will show you put in the effort (without breaking the bank).

1. For the homebody

These thrifted cocktail glasses and a make-your-own candle are the perfect gifts. (Elizabeth Hobbs / The Bama Buzz)

If going out isn’t normally your thing, here are some gift ideas to make a night-in even more special. Small and thoughtful goes a long way in my book, and who doesn’t love a good date night in?

2. For the bookworm

There are plenty of great books to choose from at Auburn’s local bookstore coffee shops. (Elizabeth Hobbs / The Bama Buzz)

Bookworms are easy to please—get them a book from your local bookstore! Pair it with their favorite wine or dessert for a crowd-pleasing gift.

Auburn Oil. Co. and Well Red are two local bookstores with plenty of gift options:

  • Grab a book on their wishlist + pair it with a gift card to their favorite coffee shop
  • Take a chance on a “blind date with a book” mystery book
  • Enhance their reading experience with book accessories, book marks, key chains and more
  • For the writers, get a journal or field notes notebook and some pens for all of their creative thoughts

3. For the art lover

Support local artists and get a unique gift—what could be better? (Elizabeth Hobbs / The Bama Buzz)

If your person loves making or appreciating art, these gifts won’t disappoint. Buying locally-made goods is effortless but will guarantee you’ll have a one-of-a-kind gift. Here’s some artsy goodies you can find around Auburn:

4. For the coffee/tea aficionado

High Tea at the Well and Mama Mocha’s coffee subscription are two gifts I would love to get as a coffee and tea lover. (Elizabeth Hobbs / The Bama Buzz)

Here is how to impress the person who is always at a coffee shop or has a cup of coffee on hand:

  • Locally-roasted coffee beans, mug and gift card from their favorite local coffee shop
  • Thrifted funky mug from a thrift store paired with locally-roasted beans or teas
  • Coffee subscription to Mama Mochas local coffee roaster
  • Reserve a High Tea at the Well for a picture-perfect tea party

5. For the music lover

Think outside-the-box for the person who loves listening to music. (Elizabeth Hobbs / The Bama Buzz) (Gogue Performing Arts Center / Website)

For the person who loves music but maybe “doesn’t need anything,” treat them with a new hobby or a fun musical experience.

As someone who received a record player as a gift and is now a dedicated audiophile, I know I wouldn’t be disappointed to receive any of these as gifts:

6. For the gamer

Find an iconic game you can enjoy together, or try your hand at something new. (Elizabeth Hobbs / The Bama Buzz)

Gamers can be difficult to shop for, especially in a pinch. Try a tabletop game night in downtown Opelika or get some board games to play at home. Here’s some ideas to try depending on their interests:

7. For the plant lover

Treat your partner to a plant AND dinner in the same scenic environment. (Elizabeth Hobbs / The Bama Buzz)

If you haven’t been to Botanic yet, you’re missing out—especially for those with a green thumb. I usually stick to getting plant lovers a plant for every occasion, but if you want to step it up for Valentine’s Day, consider one of these options from Botanic:

  • Reserve a romantic dinner at the Grille, Botanic’s farm-to-table style restaurant with a gorgeous view and incredible service
  • Cute plant from the Greenhouse to add to their growing collection
  • Gift card to the Garden Shoppe so they can stock up on all their gardening essentials

8. For the person who needs to relax

Who wouldn’t want a reservation or gift card for a spa treatment? (The Spa at Grand National / website) (Laurel Hotel and Spa / website)

We could all unwind with a spa treatment. Here are some spots you can book a luxurious spa experience, including a stay at the Laurel Hotel and Spa:

9. For the foodie

Surprise your loved one with reservations to Auburn’s roof-to-table teaching restaurant for an elevated dining experience. (1856-Culinary Residence website)

These are ideas for the home chef or the big foodie in your life. Spruce up their home kitchen with accessories and decor, or treat them to a unique dining experience.

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