A beginner’s guide to 4 Chewacla State Park activities

Chewacla State Park Welcome Sign
Chewacla State Park Welcome Sign. Photo via Maggie Dazzio for the Bama Buzz

Just down the road from Auburn University is one of Alabama’s hidden gems, Chewacla State Park. College students and Auburn residents head to Chewacla for camping, hiking, swimming, and more. We’ve put together a guide so first-timers can see all this park has to offer!

1. Hiking

Chewacla Trail Entrance
Trail entrance. Photo via Maggie Dazzio for the Bama Buzz

Round up your pet or your friends because it’s time to hit the trails. You really can’t go wrong when choosing a trail to get your hiking fix in. Pick a route and get to moving, because the beauty of Chewacla is undeniable. They even have a downloadable trail map to guide you!

2. Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking
Mountain biking at Chewacla State Park. Photo via Chewacla State Park Facebook

Mountain biking is by far one of the most popular activities you’ll find here. Chewacla partners with Central Alabama Mountain Pedalers (CAMP), an organization that helps develop top-tier multi-use trails, to create the best atmosphere for bikers. Grab your bike and get pedaling because you don’t want to miss out on these epic trails!

3. Camping

Chewacla Lake
Chewacla Lake. Photo via Maggie Dazzio for the Bama Buzz

Whether you’re looking for a night away from campus or a cabin weekend for your family, Chewacla is the perfect camping spot. Reserve a site online today, here’s what they offer:

  • Cabin rentals
  • Group camping
  • Primitive camping
  • RV camping

Bonus: The park also rents out pavilion areas to cater any of your event-planning needs!

4. Chewacla Lake Activities

Chewacla Lake
Boating and swimming at Chewacla Lake. Photo via Chewacla State Park Facebook

The Auburn community heads to Chewacla’s 26-acre lake for boating, fishing, and swimming. Hit the high dive or grab your canoe for a lake day with friends or family. Keep in mind, there are no gas powered engines allowed on Chewacla Lake!

This guide only scratches the surface of the adventure you can find here. We love Auburn’s small town feel, but sometimes it’s good to step back and get some forest therapy in! We hope to see you at Chewacla.

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