Alabama Shakespeare Festival is celebrating 50 seasons—check it out

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Are you a fan of the Bard? You don’t want to miss the notable Alabama Shakespeare Festival (ASF) 50th season. This 2021-2022 season features a total of 9 wacky and classical productions. Each will explore classic and campy stories of culture, heroes and LOTS of music. Read more to see if your fave production will be playing.

Celebrating ASF’s 50th season

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Beginning on July 12, 1972, ASF held its first inaugural season in Anniston, AL. Fun fact: Alabama Shakespeare Festival has produced 491 plays and musicals over the past 50 years. They also developed over 100 new scripts and completed the entire Shakespearean canon!

In 1985, they relocated to Montgomery, elevating their productions on a national level! Pop off, ASF.

Alabama Shakespeare Festival is bouncing back

After a year-long intermission, the festival is coming back with all your fave shows. Alabama Shakespeare Festival isn’t just about Shakespeare, but many other favorite productions. They want to tell stories that represent all people in the South.

Here’s the lineup of the captivating productions:

1. Shoebox Picnic Road Side: Route One

  • What it is: In 1955, a Black family travels by caravan from Harlem to Littleton, North Carolina. Reserve your tickets to find out what happens to the family when they’re pulled over for having a quick picnic on the side of the road. ASF invites you to hear their stories and enjoy some classic Southern cuisine.
  • When: Sept 16-26

2. Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol

  • What it is: Adapted by ASF’s favorite, Greta Lambert, watch as she plays more than a dozen roles in this cherished holiday classic. You don’t want to miss Greta in this heartwarming story of Ebenezer Scrooge and the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future.
  • When: December 3-24, 2021

3. Rodgers + Hammerstein’s Cinderella

  • What it is: Come witness the spectacular classic and a Tony-award winning musical, Cinderella. Don’t miss Cinderella “in her own little corner” achieve the impossible!
  • When: Nov. 27, 2021-Jan. 2, 2022

4. Shakespeare’s Macbeth

  • What it is: “Fair is foul and foul is fair” according to the 3 witches that tell the tragedy of King Macbeth. Watch this supernatural tale of fate and will in Shakespeare’s most action-packed tragedy.
  • When: Feb. 3-24, 2022

5. Little Shop of Horrors

  • What it is: You cannot miss this cult classic of a mysterious plant from outer space and Seymour who stumbles upon it. Enjoy R&B singing as the plant makes Seymour fulfill stranger and stranger requests.
  • When: March 3-April 3, 2022

6. Freedom Rider

  • What it is: Check out the world premiere of this story about 4 young students in the 60s that board a bus to challenge segregation. As a result, they change themselves and the nation forever. Don’t forget to check out this funny and inspiring play!
  • When: April 8-24, 2022

7. Until the Flood

  • What it is: Pulitzer Prize finalist Dael Orlandersmith explores the social uprising in Ferguson, Missouri following the shooting of teenager Michael Brown. Orlandersmith crafts a real and stunning experience that all should see.
  • When: April 14-May 1, 2022

8. Marvelous Wonderettes

  • What it is: Taking it back to 1958 Springfield High School prom, you’ll follow 4 girls sing about their hopes and dreams in their crinoline skirts. You won’t want to miss the 30+ classic 50s and 60s hits, including “Lollipop” and “Lipstick on Your Collar”.
  • When: May 24-June 26, 2022

9. American Mariachi

  • What it is: Wanting something new, the main character, Lucha, comes up with a wild idea: an all-girl mariachi band. But in the 70s, girls can’t be mariachis! Follow Lucha and her fam as they hunt for bandmates and fight rigid traditions.
  • When: July 27-August 21, 2022

Found something you like? Purchase subscriptions at You can also call the ASF Box Office at 334-271-5353.

Shoebox Picnic Roadside tix go on sale August 23rd. Mark your calendars for the other productions’ tix on September 15.

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