Alabama Symphony Orchestra to participate in International Call of Solidarity with Ukraine—March 18th

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The Alabama Symphony Orchestra has been performing for over 100 years. (Alabama Symphony Orchestra)

The Alabama Symphony Orchestra will be adding a piece by Ukrainian composer Myroslav Skoryk to their upcoming Classical Mystery Tour concert on March 18th. This comes after an International Call of Solidarity by the Society of Polish Philharmonics. Read on for details.

Joining together through music

The Alabama Symphony Orchestra is known for their engaging work in our community, serving nearly 10,000 people a year with their concert series, youth programs and educational efforts in order to change lives through music.

Their most recent effort is no different.

Amidst the events in Ukraine, videos have gone viral of people coming together through music all over the world.

At protests, gatherings and more, musicians, artists and even ordinary people have been using music as a call to action.

The Society of Polish Philharmonics has proposed an International Call of Solidarity, for orchestras around the world to play Melodia, a piece written by Ukrainian composer Myroslav Skoryk during concerts this upcoming weekend.

In response, the Alabama Symphony Orchestra will be adding the piece to their upcoming Classical Mystery Tour concert on March 18th at the Alabama Theatre.

The act will bring orchestras all over the world together in solidarity with Ukrainians and their supporters.

Support the effort

“As we all watch the horrors unfolding in Ukraine from afar, it becomes increasingly clear that music has an amazing effect on a population. While Ukrainians huddle in makeshift bomb shelters, videos of people playing music have spread across the world. These musicians are striving to lighten the hearts and lift the spirits of their compatriots.

We at the Alabama Symphony Orchestra hope that our participation in this International Call of Solidarity will send a message of unity and harmony to the people of Ukraine, as we all hope and pray for peace in their country.”

Statement from Alabama Symphony Orchestra

You can show your support for the Alabama Symphony Orchestra and the International Call of Solidarity by attending the Classical Mystery Tour concert this weekend.

Learn more about how Alabama has been coming together for Ukraine:

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