NEW: Alabama’s first Chip Cookies location opens this month

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Cookie monsters, this one’s for you. Chip Cookies, a popular cookie store, is opening its first location in Alabama. Keep reading to found out where it’ll be and when.

What is Chip Cookies?

If you’re a fan of Cookie Fix, Crumbl Cookies and the like, you’re going to love Chip Cookies. This cookie franchise, founded in 2016 by husband-and-wife team Sean and Sarah Wilson in Utah, has many location in Utah and Idaho, and are expanding in several states—including Alabama.

Chip Cookies has a simple story—Sarah had pregnancy cravings for cookies, and Sean came up with a business plan. Now, they get to share their award-winning, fresh-baked cookies, satisfying many cookie cravings through storefronts, delivery services and catering.

They always have their “OG” flavor, a gooey, warm chocolate chip cookie. They rotate out other flavors each week, like the Nutella Crepe Chip, Sugar Chip, Cookies + Cream Chip and more.

Chip Cookies is coming to Midtown Village in Tuscaloosa

Alabama’s first Chip Cookies arrives this September in Tuscaloosa’s Midtown Village, as announced by Councilor Kip Tyner on Facebook.

Right now, Tuscaloosa is the only Alabama location that Chip Cookies lists on their website, and they’re arriving just in time for the height of football season (and midterms). Luckily for college students, Chip Cookie locations are usually open until 10PM or midnight. Late-night cookie lovers, rejoice!

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