At-home COVID vaccines? We’ve got the scoop on who qualifies and how to get them

Uab Vaccine
See if you or a loved one qualify for an at-home shot. Photo via UAB

For people who have a difficult time leaving their homes, at-home COVID vaccines seem like an excellent way to help those who may need it most. Keep reading to get the latest on at-home vaccine programs in Alabama and how you might can get your shot from the comfort of your home.

At-home vaccines

Cvs Vaccine Check-In
CVS Vaccine check-in counter. Photo by Liv George for The Bama Buzz.

Thanks to a new system, some Alabamians are able to receive their COVID-19 vaccine in the comfort and safety of their homes rather than have to go to a clinic. At-home COVID vaccines can help a variety of people have access to this vital healthcare. Currently, people who qualify are those receiving at-home care, those who are homebound, and people without access to transportation.

Getting caregivers vaccinated is just as important as vaccinating the people they care for. They are often homebound with their loved one and their access to the COVID vaccine is just as limited. Many home health vaccination programs also will vaccinate caregivers and support teams for homebound people.

Originally, at-home vaccines were difficult to give because of the vaccine storage requirements, but now health providers are taking already-opened vials to those needing the vaccine at home.

How to get it?

Cvs Vaccine
Now most people in Alabama can get their COVID vaccine, regardless of ability to get to a clinic. Photo via CVS’s Facebook

People seeking at-home vaccines can contact their home health provider to register. Once registered, the provider will send out a team to vaccinate the homebound person. Caregivers who are not able to leave can request to have their COVID vaccine done at home as well.

UAB offers an at-home vaccination program via their House Call program, which vaccinates caregivers and homebound people. The program will deliver vaccines to homes within a 30-mile radius of UAB. You can register for the UAB program here.

Other vaccine updates

Mobile Civic Center And Covid-19 Vaccination Site
Mobile Civic Center and COVID-19 vaccination site. Photo by Liv George for The Bama Buzz.

Among other vaccine updates, Alabama has announced that children ages 12-15 are now eligible for the Pfizer vaccine. You can sign your children up for the shot here, and find locations that offer Pfizer here.

Keep up with the latest COVID-19 vaccine updates in Alabama with the Alabama Department of Public Health’s COVID-19 Vaccine Dashboard.

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