Auburn now has the longest home winning streak in college basketball

A 28 game streak. (Callie Puryear / The Bama Buzz)

Auburn Basketball has won 28 straight games inside its home arena, which means they now hold the nation’s longest winning streak at home. Keep reading for more.

Another achievement for the Tigers

Despite not playing a game on Thursday night, the Auburn basketball team has achieved yet another milestone.

With Gonzaga’s loss this week, the Auburn Tigers now hold the nation’s longest home winning streak. The streak started during the 2020-21 season when Auburn beat Tennessee in February 2021 before finishing out the season with two consecutive home wins.

The Tigers have since won 28 consecutive games at Auburn’s Neville Arena.

Auburns next home game is set for Wednesday, January 25 against Texas A&M.

Making a trip to Auburn?

Samford Lawn
Samford Lawn is the perfect place to walk around before a game. (The Bama Buzz)

A winning streak for the Tigers sounds like the perfect excuse to plan an Auburn visit. If you attend a basketball game, here are some of our fave spots to visit while you’re there:

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