Beehive Baking in Birmingham named best bread in Alabama

Beehive Baking Co.
Beehive Baking’s goodies are making a buzz around Bama. (Photo via Beehive Baking Co.)

Birmingham’s Beehive Baking Co. is making a big buzz around the state. They were named the best bread in Alabama in Food & Wine’s Best Bread in Every State list. Keep reading to learn how their rustic sourdough landed them on top.

The best of the best

According to the article, American bread-baking is the best its ever been, and the spots featured in Food & Wine reflect that. The best in Alabama? Beehive Baking in Birmingham takes the crown. However, they weren’t named the best solely for their locally-milled grains—which are truly amazing—but because of the inspiring efforts they put towards providing quality goods to their customers.

Owners of the bakery are thrilled to be recognized as best bread in Alabama. Check out this post they made via Instagram:

Beehive Baking is a family owned bakery run by couple Caedan and Sarah Oliver, but this isn’t your average bakery. There is no storefront, the Olivers operate through local deliveries. According to Beehive’s website, the business began in 2017 with nothing more than a Facebook page, skill, a passion for baking and a belief of bringing people together through good food.

Here’s what baked goods you can get

Time to talk about the good stuff—the menu. You can shop Beehive Baking’s weekly delivery menu on their website, and here are a few menu items you can get this week:

  • Traditional country sourdough sandwich loaf
  • Sunflower winter wheat bread
  • Orange ginger spiced cake
  • Mini brunch frittatas
  • Bagels
  • Cranberry Almond Biscotti

Menu ingredients are locally sourced from trusted Alabama farmers and producers.

Alabama has some of the best, but don’t take our word for it. Check it out yourself:

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