The USS Alabama named state’s best attraction according to Far & Wide

Uss Alabama
Have you been to this battleship? (Tim Ard / USS Alabama’s Facebook)

Far & Wide, a renowned travel magazine, rounded up every state’s best roadside attraction. After researching Alabama’s many fascinating landmarks, they recommend Mobile’s USS Alabama. Why they placed this attraction on top will float your boat, so keep reading to get the deets.

About Far & Wide

Uss Alabama Battleship And Tank
USS Alabama Battleship. (Liv George / The Bama Buzz)

Far & Wide is known for their illuminating guides on destinations and road trips. Essentially, if you want to know where the best steaks, attractions or affordable hotels are, then Far & Wide has some great tips you’ll want to check out.

We’re excited that they chose Mobile’s USS Alabama as the top destination to visit. Read more on what Mobile has to offer:

Why the USS Alabama?

Sign Says To Ship
Where to? (USS Alabama’s Facebook)

Far & Wide wanted to create a guide on where the greatest American road trip would take you in each state. Once they decided what the top attraction was, they included the best times to visit and where to stay.

What did they have to say about the USS Alabama?

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According to Far & Wide, the USS Alabama battleship sailed across the North Atlantic to Europe in 1943 playing a crucial role in World War II. Today, the ship is permanently docked in Mobile and serves as a war museum, complete with an aircraft pavilion, tanks, artillery and a memorial park. 

FUN FACT: The ship is classified as part of the National Historic Landmarks in the US.

Did you know that more than 15 million visitors have stepped foot on the deck since the ship opened as a museum in 1965? Far & Wide also chose this battleship—not solely on popularity—but the notion that it’s an iconic Alabama symbol.

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