Discover 7 of the best places for snorkeling in Alabama, according to Big 7 Travel

Gulf Shores
Time to dive in. (Gulf Shores and Orange Beach Tourism/Facebook)

Just because it’s August, doesn’t mean the summer fun is over. Strap on those goggles and get ready to explore the beauty that lies beneath. Find out what travel publication Big 7 has named Alabama’s top snorkeling spots.

1. The Whiskey Wreck—Gulf Shores

Located just past the sandbar, plunge into the shore and discover stunning marine life, beautiful landscapes and unique hidden crevices. Here you can see about 10-15 feet in front of you at any given time. Big 7 coins this dive as a “rather thrilling snorkeling session”.

2. Romar Beach—Orange Beach

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Romar Beach. (Gulf Shores and Orange Beach Tourism)

At Romar Beach you’ll find an artificial snorkeling reef made of a concrete and limestone reef system. Catch a glimpse at the nautical marine life that live in the area.

3. The Jetties at Alabama Point—Orange Beach

For a shallow water snorkeling experience like no other, head to The Jetties at Alabama Point. Marine life you may encounter includes crabs, Black Sea urchins, octopuses, stingrays, sea nettle jellyfish and maybe even…sharks. *cue Jaws theme song*

4. Paddle Wheeler—Gulf Shores

Explore the realms of Paddle Wheeler, a sunken paddle-wheel-propelled-boat in Gulf Shores. Big 7 notes that not many people actually visit this site, so you’re bound to find an abundance of cool marine life!

5. Poseidon’s Playground—Gulf Shores

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A breathtaking view. (Gulf Shores and Orange Beach Tourism)

True to its name, this snorkeling spot features a statue of Poseidon. According to Big 7, this reef also includes handprints of actors Nicholas Cage, Cody Walker (brother of the late Paul Walker) and film director Mario Van Peebles.

  • Location: south of Perdido Pass on the eastern edge of the R.V. Minton Artificial Reef Zone
  • Website

6. Perdido Key Snorkel Reef—Orange Beach

While not technically in Alabama, Perdido Key is located right outside Orange Beach waters. Discover many species of tropical fish and sea turtles just below the surface. Big 7 recommends visiting this site when sea conditions are calm, as visibility can increase to 30 feet.

7. Gulf State Park Pavilion—Gulf Shores

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The Pavilion. (Gulf Shores and Orange Beach Tourism)

Big 7 recommends Gulf State Park Pavilion to beginners and young snorkelers. It’s a safe and calm site where you can discover octopus, crabs, worms, saltwater catfish and more.

Looking for more fun on the Gulf Coast? We’ve got you covered:

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