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Alabama Association Of Nonprofits
(L-R): Carla Smotherman, Terra Mortensen, Danielle Dunbar & Gaynelle Jackson of Alabama Association of Nonprofits. (Bham Now)

When you hear the word “nonprofit”, you likely think of people helping people. But who’s helping nonprofits succeed? The answer is Alabama Association of Nonprofits (AAN). Read on to learn about this organization behind the organizations and how it helps nonprofits succeed in a big way. Interested in having AAN guide your nonprofit to success? Sign up to be an AAN member here.

About Alabama Association of Nonprofits

Founded in 1996, AAN is a membership-based organization formed to serve the needs of Alabama’s growing nonprofit sector. Its mission—to strengthen and support Alabama nonprofit organizations in serving their communities.

To do this, ANN focuses on providing nonprofits with professional development courses, advocacy events, speaking engagements and more.

To learn about three Alabama nonprofits AAN is leading to success, top reasons why you should sign up to become an AAN Member and more, click here.

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Alabama Association Of Nonprofits

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