Alabama Audubon’s 3rd annual birding festival slated for August 4-5

Bird watching. (Alabama Audubon)

Calling all bird lovers. Alabama Audubon is holding its 3rd annual Black Belt Birding Festival on August 4-5 in Greensboro, Alabama.

The Black Belt Birding Initiative is a unique program working to bring tourism to the region.

“Alabama Audubon’s Black Belt Birding Festival is a very exciting time for Greensboro and our surrounding communities. The festival gives us an opportunity to showcase our region’s natural beauty while also providing great places to eat, shop, and learn while the birders are visiting.”

Buzzy Barnette, President of the Greensboro Alabama Business and Tourism Association.

Birds, birds, birds

Red Headed Woodpecker. (Joe Watts)

View beautiful birds and learn about their history and heritage.

When: August 4 & 5

Self create your own birding experience by registering for each event individually here.

More educational fun

Learn from special guest Dr. James Lamb, The Black Belt Museum’s Curator of Paleontology, at the Opera House about avian dinosaurs and modern birds.

“The Greensboro Opera House is thrilled that the third annual Black Belt Birding Festival is being held in Greensboro this summer and especially thrilled that the Opera House will once again participate as the festival hub and location for the keynote address.”

Winnie Cobbs, Greensboro Opera House Board of Directors.

Black Belt Birding Initiative

The mission of Alabama Audubon is to promote conservation and a greater knowledge of birds, their habitats and the natural world.

Space is limited. Register today by visiting

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