Alabama comes back from the dead to win the Iron Bowl in 4th OT

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Tears, screams and heart attacks. This is likely what you experienced yesterday while watching the wildest Iron bowl we can remember. This is the first time in history the game has gone into overtime. Read more to get all the deets on this mind-blowing game.

Iron Bowl 2021 makes history

Iron Bowl Overtime
Did you get to tailgate this eventful game? Photo via Cecilia Wood for The Bama Buzz

The game starts off as usual with some lazily watching, while others are fully invested. I think it was surprising to all when the first score of the game came from Auburn in the second quarter.

Check out the Iron Bowl’s stats summary:

  • First Quarter:
  • Second:
  • Third:
  • Fourth:

One of our team members got to catch the game on Auburn’s campus. Check out her first-hand experience at the Plains:

“I watched the Iron Bowl in an Auburn bar, and for the first half of the game, everyone was cautiously optimistic. During the last ten minutes of the game, every single person in the bar was standing and shouting—whether they were Bama fans excited about overtime or Auburn fans hoping we’d pull it off.”

Cecilia Wood, Bham Now staffer + Auburn fan

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Overtime x’s 4

War Eagle Overtime
Remember, it’s about having fun! Photo via Cecilia Wood for The Bama Buzz

Picture this: It’s the end of the fourth quarter and the first overtime in Iron Bowl history has started. Fans are at the edge of their seats. What’s gonna happen? Everybody is itching for someone to score.

Here’s ESPN’s rundown of how overtime went:

  • OT1:
  • OT2:
  • OT3:
  • OT4:

After a tug of war of four overtimes, Bama brings the end score to 24-22. It’s Alabama’s victory and fans are screaming, crying, passing out—well, maybe not really, but were close—because their team pulled through.

“We we’re watching the Iron Bowl from my brother’s house in Houston. He’s one of those die-hard Crimson Tide fans. We had all but given up by mid-4th quarter. I told my brother we need to find other sources of joy. Then, Alabama started coming back to life. I literally fell out of my chair. My brother almost had a heart attack.”

Cindy Martin, Bham Now president, CEO + Alabama fan

This Iron Bowl will definitely be a game people will talk about for years to come.

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