Iconic Alabama brand to invest $58M in NEW facility, create 110 jobs

Conecuh Sausage
(Pat Byington / Bham Now)

Great news for Alabama! Today, Governor Kay Ivey announced that Conecuh Sausage—an iconic Alabama maker of hickory smoked sausages—plans to open a second production facility in the state. The new facility will include a $58M investment in Andalusia and create 110 new jobs for the state.

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Founded in Evergreen in 1947

Conecuh Sausage
(Pat Byington / Bham Now)

It’s no secret that Alabamians love Conecuh Sausage. Prepared with the perfect blend of seasonings and smoked over a hickory fire, Conecuh Sausages are perfect for homemade gumbo, jambalaya, red beans & rice or even by themselves.

Conecuh Sausage was founded in 1947 in the lower Alabama town of Evergreen. The brand was named after Conecuh County (of which Evergreen is the county seat), and the county is now known as, “The Sausage of the South.”

Opening a new facility in Alabama

(Governor'S Press Office)
(Governor’s Press Office)

On Wednesday, February 14, Governor Kay Ivey announced that the family-owned Conecuh Sausage would be opening a second production facility in Andalusia.

“Conecuh Sausage is a landmark homegrown brand, and I am thrilled to see that the company continues to grow and thrive right here in ‘Sweet Home Alabama.’ This growth project will allow Conecuh Sausage to extend the reach of its brand and put its distinctive Alabama flavors in even more kitchens.”

Governor Kay Ivey
Conecuh Sausage
(Pat Byington / Bham Now)

Although they researched multiple potential locations in the Midwest for their expansion, Conecuh chose to remain in their home state.

“We are eager to join the Andalusia community and add jobs and growth to the local economy while remaining in the state of Alabama. We are thrilled with the opportunity to expand our production facilities and increase distribution to serve our loyal customers.” 

 John Crum Sessions, President of Conecuh Sausage and his son, John Henry Sessions

Conecuh has committed to investing $57.8M to construct and equip its new facility in Andalusia. The project will create at least 110 new jobs in the area.

“Conecuh Sausage’s expansion project positions the company for sustained growth while also generating a significant economic impact in the Andalusia area. We’re happy that the company decided to expand its production footprint in South Alabama rather than going to another state.”

Ellen McNair, Secretary of the Alabama Department of Commerce

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