Innovate Alabama awards more than $4.5 million in small business grants

Innovate Alabama
Helping small businesses grow. (Innovate Alabama)

The Alabama Innovation Corporation (Innovate Alabama) just awarded more than $4.5 million in grant funding to 30 small businesses in the state. Keep reading to learn about the Innovate Alabama Supplemental Grant Program and which Alabama businesses benefited from this program.

What is the Innovate Alabama Supplemental Grant Program?

Innovate Alabama
Impacting small businesses in six cities across Alabama. (Innovate Alabama)

Innovate Alabama is all about creating programs and policies to ensure a growing and healthy economy in Alabama, which includes Innovate Alabama Supplemental Grant Program. The goal is to help Alabama retain top talent and grow its economy by:

  • Boosting research and commercialization efforts
  • Developing exportable products and services
  • Generating high-wage jobs

“Thanks to the Innovate Alabama Supplemental Grant Program, the work of the Alabama Innovation Corporation and the Alabama Legislature, 30 small businesses across our state will have the opportunity to commercialize their technology to help solve global issues. We are proud to support these entrepreneurs and business leaders who will leave a lasting impact on Alabama’s economy and pave the way for future generations of Alabamians.”

Kay Ivey, Governor, Alabama

What will these small businesses do with the grant?

Well, depending on the business, the way they will use this extra money with vary. These grants are giving Alabama businesses the resources they need to advance and grow. Some of the plans include:

  • BioGradMatch helps students at Historically Black Colleges and Universities navigate mental and logistical hurdles in order to apply to biomedical graduate programs.
  • CerFlux aims to reduce the pain, cost and time of cancer treatment.
  • Nanoxort is developing an imaging agent to improve the diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases.
  • Reliant Glycosciences is creating a blood test for a kidney disease.

Initiatives such as the Innovate Alabama Supplemental Grant Program encourage our state’s leading entrepreneurs to build their businesses right here at home where they have the capital and resources to confidently do so. These initiatives also demonstrate and highlight the ingenuity of our citizens and the fact that Alabama can and should pursue its full potential in regards to growing this critical sector of our economy.”

Bill Poole, Chair, Alabama Innovation Corporation

What Alabama businesses received grants?

Many of these small businesses are located in Birmingham. (Jacob Blankenship / Bham Now)

30 small businesses in the state were awarded part of this grant, including nine women and minority-owned businesses.

  • 525 Solutions, Inc. | Tuscaloosa
  • Accelerate Wind, Inc | Birmingham
  • AeroNeph Therapeutics, Inc. | Birmingham
  • AI Metrics, LLC | Birmingham
  • American Renewable Metals, LLC | Bessemer
  • AVNIK Defense Solutions, Inc. | Huntsville
  • BioGradMatch | Tuscaloosa
  • CerFlux, Inc. | Birmingham
  • CFD Research Corporation | Huntsville
  • Clarity, LLC | Mobile
  • EH Group, Inc. | Tuscaloosa
  • Endomimetics, LLC | Birmingham
  • EngeniusMicro | Huntsville
  • FreEnt Technologies, Inc. | Huntsville
  • Gene Capture, Inc. | Huntsville
  • MRIMath, LLC | Birmingham
  • Nanoxort, LLC | Auburn
  • Nexolve Holding Company | Huntsville
  • Ossillate, Inc. | Auburn
  • Outpost Technologies, LLC | Huntsville
  • Polaris Sensor Technologies, Inc | Huntsville
  • Reliant Glycosciences, LLC | Birmingham
  • Reliant Technologies, Inc. | Huntsville
  • Serina Therapeutics, Inc. | Huntsville
  • Streamline Automation, LLC | Huntsville
  • Sunfire Biotechnologies, LLC | Birmingham
  • Trac9, LLC | Huntsville
  • Trialtus Bioscience, LLC | Birmingham
  • TruSpin Nanomaterial Innovatoin, Inc. | Birmingham
  • Zeus Research and Technology, Inc. | Huntsville

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