Meet the 5 startups featured at the ACN Startup Showcase in Mobile & Fairhope

Lover of local business or an investor yourself? You don’t want to miss this startup event. (Liv George / The Bama Buzz)

Mobile is on the up & up, even Forbes says so! With all that new growth comes new business, and those startup businesses rely on incubators and investors to get up and running. Keep reading to learn about the Alabama Capital Network’s South Alabama Startup Showcase & the five businesses featured.

About the ACN South Alabama Startup Showcase

Day or night, you can meet these startups. (Liv George / The Bama Buzz)

The ACN South Alabama Startup Showcase is being hosted by the Alabama Capital Network, which specializes in connecting startups and innovators with investors who can help grow their business. This event is one of the first hosted this year and will have two meeting times/locations. One is a luncheon in downtown Mobile hosted at Innovation Portal and the other is an evening affair over in Fairhope. Attendance is free, but ACN requests that you register to attend. Here are all the details you need for both events.

Meet the startups

The ACN South Alabama Startup Showcase is hosting five businesses that will do a short present on their startup to connect with investors and other important contacts. Let’s take a look at the five businesses featured:

SureMed Compliance

“Our mission at Sure Med Compliance is to end the overdose epidemic through greater prescribing compliance.”(SureMed Compliance)

SureMed Compliance is a startup taking a multi-faceted approach to ending the prescription opioid overdose crisis. They’ve done this by creating a platform that knits together notes and information on medication compliance from the patient that allows physicians to lower patient risk when prescribing opioids.

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Fishing Chaos is a Mobile-based startup that created an app to streamline (pun intended) the fishing tournament process by moving all elements to one platform. On the Fishing Chaos app, tournament directors can manage all elements of the event right from their phone. Anglers register for a tournament in-app (which can happen worldwide, thanks to the digital nature of the tournament). During the tournament anglers upload their catches in live-time which are tracked on the app’s leaderboard until the tournament’s conclusion.

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BoxCave Furniture

If someone in your life plays video games, then you know just how much room a gaming setup can occupy. BoxCave Furniture is looking to change that, by creating coffee tables with the gaming equipment built right in. Their main focus is putting flying and racing simulation games into these coffee tables, concealing the otherwise bulky equipment.

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Food Explorer Club

Anyone who has raised a kid knows how hard it can be sometimes to get kiddo to try something new at the dinner table. Food Explorer Club is a new app helping parents save the tears at dinnertime through their fun and colorful app that rewards kids for trying new foods with badges, rewards and surprises.

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Motive is a company that helps businesses with their Environment, Sustainability, and Governance (ESG). An ESG is, essentially, a measure of how a business’ practices have an impact on the wold around them and vice-versa. Motive created an online digital platform that provides businesses with real-time information and forecasting about how ESG decisions will affect business projections.


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