Monet Candle Company to celebrate grand re-opening this month—find out more

Monet Candle Company
Don’t you want one of these precious candles on your desk? (Monet Candle Company / Facebook)

Happy small business Monday, Alabama! This week, we’re showcasing Monet Candle Company, which just celebrated four years of business here in Mobile.

Keep reading to meet this sweet little shop and get the details on their grand re-opening planned for April 14th.

Meet Monet Candle Company

Monet Candle Company is a Mobile business run by a single father, John Monet, who is actually a descendant of famous artist Claude Monet.

They specialize in all-things relaxation and self-care. As a single father, Monet knows how stressful life can get and set out to create something to help people unwind after a long day. That’s why they have an expansive line of candles, soaps, bath bombs, body sprays and so much more.

“Whether to create products that induce relaxation, promote healthy skincare, or to spread joy…I pour my heart and soul into every product created. My overall mission is that others find the same joy in the products as I do in making them.”

John Monet, Owner, Monet Candle Company

Over the past four years, Monet Candle Company has been incredibly successful, sold in over 200 stores across the country.

The grand re-opening

After four years of success, Monet Candle Company is finally moving to a new storefront. The new store has three times the retail space of the old one, making it possible for Monet Candle Company to start offering candle & soap-making classes in the near future. They also plan on launching an even larger product line, so stay tuned.

To commemorate the occasion, they’re hosting a grand re-opening party on April 14th at 6:30PM. The theme is “treat yourself incredibly” which will be easy with their amazing scents.

Here are the details:

Monet Candle Company Grand Re-Opening:

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