NEW AUBURN THRIFT STORE: Thrifty Lizard, plus their upcoming “bin store” event

Thrifty Lizard Thrift Store Entrance
Thrifty Lizard’s storefront in the old Kinnucan’s building. (Elizabeth Hobbs / The Bama Buzz)

If you like a good bargain, you probably know all about Auburn’s many thrift stores. We’re here to highlight Auburn’s newest thrift store, Thrifty Lizard. Keep reading to learn about this thrift-meets-retail store, plus their upcoming take on “bin stores.”

What will you find at Thrifty Lizard?

Thrifty Lizard'S Selection
Thrifty Lizard is all about quality pieces for affordable prices. (Elizabeth Hobbs / The Bama Buzz)

Thrifty Lizard offers the quality of a retail store with the prices of a thrift store. What makes Thrifty Lizard unique is that they don’t source their inventory from donations—they purchase merchandise through a variety of wholesale outlets, retailers and online companies. They select new and gently used apparel, footwear, accessories and household items and sell them for discounted prices. How’s that for a bargain?

The store stays fresh and well-stocked with over 1,000 new items arriving every day. With an average price range of $5-12 per item, Thrifty Lizard is building a strong reputation for quality and value among its repeat customers.

Racks are often rolling to the floor to restock in real-time, which shoppers are welcome to shop. With apparel and footwear from infant to 4X along with a variety of styles, there is something for everyone.

“You may see items that may not be your ‘cup of tea,’ but the overall quality will meet everyone’s expectations.”

Paul Wilson, Founder and Owner, Thrifty Lizard

Thrifty Lizard’s roots

Over the past ten years, Thrifty Lizard has evolved into an online company and international wholesaler with a small outlet center in Wadley, Alabama. When Thrifty Lizard’s founder and owner Paul Wilson was presented with the opportunity to open an Auburn location of Thrifty Lizard, he couldn’t refuse the invitation.

“With thrifting becoming increasingly popular due to the current economic downturn and consumers being more conscientious about the environment, we felt it was a great time to expand to Auburn.”

Paul Wilson, Founder and Owner, Thrifty Lizard

So, where does the name “Thrifty Lizard” come from? When Paul first started his thrift company a decade ago and named it after the charity it supported, his daughter put in her two cents.

“When I first named the store, my daughter informed me, ‘That is boring!’ My response was, ‘Well, if I ever start a thrift store not tied directly to a charity, I will let you name it.’ A few days later, my daughter presented me with the name Thrifty Lizard and it stuck.”

Paul Wilson, Founder and Owner, Thrifty Lizard

How does Thrifty Lizard give back?

Thrifty Lizard'S Selection
Part of the extensive selection at Thrifty Lizard. (Elizabeth Hobbs / The Bama Buzz)

Thrifty Lizard isn’t just focused on affordable, quality goods—they pride themselves on their community and environmental impact. The store supports a local and an international charity, both founded by Paul.

Locally, Thrifty Lizard supports 4319 Foundation, a newly-launched domestic micro-business opportunity for single mothers. Internationally, Thrifty Lizard supports Four Corners Ministries of Opelika, which specializes in international work in Uganda. Customers have an opportunity to round-up their change to support these two charities at checkout.

Thrifty Lizard is also passionate about protecting the environment, which they encourage their community to do by shopping second-hand.

“Buying gently used, up-cycled items greatly reduces the impact not only in the production of clothing, but keeps tons of items out of landfills and out of emission-heavy incinerators. This provides a better tomorrow for the environment.”

Paul Wilson, Founder and Owner, Thrifty Lizard

So, what about this “bin store” event?

As a thrifty shopper myself, I am fond of sorting through “the bins”—lots of clothes dumped together, each for a set price that decreases each day. Not many thrift stores offer this, which is why I am thrilled that Thrifty Lizard is putting their own spin on the “bin store” concept starting this month!

From Thursday, November 10-Tuesday, November 15, Thrifty Lizard will introduce its own version of the “bin store” concept. Bins will be placed throughout the store with items such as electronics, kitchenware, toys and homewares. Prices will begin at $8 an item on Thursday, $5 on Friday, $3 on Saturday, $2 on Monday and $1 on Tuesday. This will become a monthly event for Thrifty Lizard, adding further value to the shopping experience.

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