New development coming to downtown Fairhope—VATAN

VATAN. (WHLC Architecture)

The beautiful Magnolia Avenue in downtown Fairhope is about to get a new addition. Keep reading for all the details on VATAN, a new mixed-use development coming soon.

The new VATAN development

VATAN. (WHLC Architecture)

According to The Fairhope Times, a house was demolished at 301 Magnolia Avenue in downtown Fairhope, making way for VATAN. The house, which had no historical value and which was used for the last several years as an office prior to being abandoned and becoming a nuisance, was removed on Jan. 24, 2024 pursuant to a permit issued by the City of Fairhope.

Oh, and don’t worry—all the live oak trees at the site are planned to be saved as a part of the new project.

The new development will be a three-story, mixed-use (commercial and residential) facility headed up by WHLC Architecture. This firm, with offices in Fairhope, Biloxi and Baton Rouge, has brought to life many impressive projects along the Gulf Coast and beyond.

Here’s how WHLC Architecture describes this Fairhope development:

“Uniquely situated in the heart of downtown Fairhope at the corner of Magnolia and Church, VATAN is perched 111 feet above sea level. The community is a seven unit residential/two-unit commercial space development located less than one block from a plethora of restaurants, boutiques, wine bars, coffee shops and various entertainment venues. VATAN is the most walkable community anywhere along the Eastern Shore. In addition to being in the epicenter of downtown Fairhope, it is strategically positioned three blocks directly above the expansive Fairhope waterfront park system along the shores of Mobile Bay.”

WHLC Architecture

But what about the name? It’s a Moroccan noun that means, “The epitome of all of your culture, history and identity—your homeland.”

Other news from Fairhope

Fairhope French Quarter 2
Fairhope French Quarter. (Liv George / The Bama Buzz)

Fairhope is always buzzing with something new. Here’s what you might have missed:

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