NEW: Alabama Power + Mercedes-Benz are bringing solar power to Lowndes County—here’s how

Lowndes County Solar Project
We love this partnership. Photo via Alabama Power

It’s a sunny day for Alabama. Alabama Power and Mercedes-Benz U.S. International Inc, or MBUSI, are partnering on a new solar project in Lowndes County, and we have all the details. Here’s what you need to know.

Solar energy is coming in hot

Lowndes County Solar Project
This deal is making Lowndes County sunnier. Photo via Alabama Power

Alabama Power and MBUSI received approval today for their proposed 80-megawatt Letohatchee Solar Project. This means for 15 years MBUSI will receive renewable, solar energy from Alabama Power for two of Mercedes-Benz’ campuses in Vance and Bibb County. Operation of solar energy will start in March 2024. Benefits of this project are:

  • Clean, renewable energy for Lowndes County
  • 300 new construction jobs
  • More than $9 million in tax revenues for Lowndes County

“At Alabama Power, we’re committed to providing innovative energy solutions for our customers and supporting growth of Alabama communities.

This agreement builds on our partnership with Mercedes and will help us deliver long-term value to our customers while increasing emissions-free resources.”

Mark Crosswhite, President and CEO, Alabama Power

A commitment to solar energy

MBUSI is passionate about committing to solar energy, and this Alabama project is one of the many ways they are becoming a greener company. The company has a project called, “Ambition 2039,” which sets goals to make MBUSI greener, including:

  • Extraction of raw materials
  • Production
  • Recycling
  • Service life
  • Technical development

“MBUSI’s commitment to the Letohatchee Solar Project is an important action in realizing this strategy for their Vance and Bibb campuses’ electric supply.

As we ramp up battery production and electric vehicle production in Alabama in 2022, MBUSI is seen as a critical location for the Mercedes-Benz shift toward an emissions-free and software-driven future.”

– Michael Goebel, President and CEO, MBUSI

Alabama’s sunny state of mind

The Letohatchee Solar Project is only one of the many ways Alabama is becoming a greener state. Check out our other articles on Alabama solar energy projects:

Lowndes County, we hope you’re excited for a sunny day with Alabama Power and MBUSI.

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