NEW: Second Avenue Pub now open in North Tuscaloosa

Avenue Pub Indoor Area
The new Avenue Pub includes many rooms. (Grace Brindley / The Bama Buzz)

One of Tuscaloosa’s most popular restaurants, Avenue Pub, just opened a second location in North Tuscaloosa as they celebrated the 10-year anniversary of their first location. With its legacy of great burgers, beer and brunch food, the T-town restaurant continues to grow.

Take a look inside the new Northbank location

Avenue Pub
One of the bar areas inside the new Avenue Pub. (Grace Brindley / The Bama Buzz)

The new space is separated into a restaurant and bar sections and also includes an outdoor patio area (including a fire pit!).

Avenue Pub’s outdoor patio area. (Grace Brindley / The Bama Buzz)

What can you expect from Avenue Pub’s Northbank menu? The restaurant has a variety of options including some of our favorites:

  • Bacon Burger
  • Fried Green Tomato BLT
  • Grilled Chicken Salad
  • Jalapeno Cheese Dip

After ten years of serving up these dishes and much more, the owner is thrilled about the new spot.

“This location is just special to me. We started looking for something north of the river probably five years ago, maybe even longer than that … And downtown is fantastic. It’s my home and has been for years, but man sometimes people don’t want to go and deal with the hustle and bustle – and it’s a great thing to even have hustle and bustle downtown! But sometimes people don’t want to get down in it.”

Avenue Pub owner, Craig Williams on the new Northbank location, as quoted in the Tuscaloosa Thread.

When + where you can find Avenue Pub Northbank

Avenue Pub Northbank. (Grace Brindley / The Bama Buzz)

Ready to try it for yourself? Here’s where you can find Avenue Pub Northbank.

Will you visit the new Avenue Pub soon? Let us know your favorite burger or drink in the comments and tag us in your photos @bamabuzz! 

Avenue Pub
Avenue Pub is an iconic Tuscaloosa restaurant. (Grace Brindley / The Bama Buzz)

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