New shops alert! Mobile’s Black Door Studio expanding soon [PHOTOS]

Rendering Of Black Door Studio Expansion.
Look at this gorgeous row of cute little businesses! Check ’em out coming soon! Photo via Black Door Studio on Facebook.

If you drive through McGregor and Springhill often (and you should, it’s gorgeous!), you might’ve noticed some commotion and construction over by Black Door Studio. Well, Monday, the big announcement finally came: Black Door Studio bought the adjoining corner to expand for a new set of shops!

When completed, it’ll be dubbed “McGregor Springs at the Village of Springhill,” and if this rendering is any indication, it’ll be the cutest little block around!

Although we don’t know much about the plans right now, Cheryl Quinnelly (Hale), owner of Black Door Studio, is beyond excited about the expansion. In fact, she stated, “small businesses are what make the neighborhood.” Hale is hoping for a versatile block hosting a few new shops and maybe a restaurant but stressed that nothing had been set in stone yet.

As small business lovers ourselves, let’s take a look at Black Door Studio to get an idea of what other amazing small shops will move in next door!

About Black Door Studio

Black Door Studio carries an awesome curation of jewelry, home decor (like their amazing woven rugs!), and a very special collection called “Girl Be Brave.” I think pictures speak louder than words, so I’ll let their collection speak for itself.

See what I mean? You’ve got to go see it for yourself. And very soon, you’ll have more than just one shop of goodies to peruse!

Oh, and about that special collection?

Girl Be Brave

&Quot;Girl Be Brave&Quot; Stand At Black Door Studio
“Girl be Brave” stand at Black Door Studio. Photo via Liv George for The Bama Buzz.

So this is a relatively abridged version of the origin story, but it goes like this: Cheryl grew up very close to her grandmother and mother. Her grandmother was a single mother—and struggled to make ends meet. About 20 years after her grandmother’s passing, Cheryl’s mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. While trying to deal with the grief, Cheryl and her mother pulled out her grandmother’s old Bible, and in the back was a letter that ended with ”Girl be brave.”

And thus, an idea was born. A brand by strong women, for strong women. Wherein a portion of the proceeds could be donated to both local and national charities and scholarships supporting women all over. And that’s exactly what Cheryl did. So well, in fact, that she was asked to write a book about her experiences.

The book was a huge success—and is still for sale up at Black Door Studio today! If anything, it’s worth a trip to talk to Cheryl about her book.

See, with a starter shop like this, we can only assume that everything else in McGregor Springs at the Village of Springhill will be equally quaint and interesting. Keep an eye out for vendor announcements, we know we will!

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