NOW OPEN: Opelika Rage Room welcomes its first ragers

Opelika Rage Room
Who’s ready to rage? (Opelika Rage Room / Facebook)

Earlier this year, Opelika got excited about the new rage room coming soon. Now, we’ve got even better news—it’s officially open!

Keep reading to find out more about this new smashing spot.

It’s all the rage

Whether you choose to smash or splatter, Opelika Rage Room is always a good time. But first, you might be wondering, “What’s a rage room?”

A rage room is true to its name—it’s a place where you can smash things that you’re not supposed to. Pretty simple, but so satisfying.

At the Opelika Rage Room, visitors can choose their smashing tool (mallets, metal bats, hammers…you get the idea) and proceed to smash everything from flat-screen TVs and computers to furniture and pictures.

If you’re not into that sort of thing, the Opelika Rage Room is also a great place to drop off that old pile of stuff you’ve been meaning to get rid of. Here’s what kind of donations Opelika Rage Room does and does not take.

Meet the owner of the Opelika Rage Room

Alex Miller Opelika Rage Room
Alex Miller, the owner of Opelika Rage Room, has experience in the industry. (Nathan Watson / Bham Now)

Alex Miller, the owner of Opelika Rage Room, is no stranger to rage rooms. In fact, he co-owns another rage room in Birmingham.

After being, “blessed to have a lot of success in Birmingham,” Miller decided to expand. An alumni of Auburn University, Miller was familiar with the Auburn and Opelika areas and knew the community needed something exciting to do.

When the Birmingham Rage Room opened, Miller saw that the community was, “craving new and fun things to do—something different.” That’s when inspiration struck. Miller thought:

“Hey, the people in Auburn/Opelika have the same feelings—they want to do something that’s fun and new. Why not just bring it to them?”

Alex Miller, owner, Opelika Rage Room

And bring it to them he did. Opelika Rage Room just celebrated its soft opening this past weekend and will soon have a grand opening.

Rage rooms are more than just a stress-reliever

Opelika Rage Room
That pile of old stuff? It won’t last long. (Opelika Rage Room / Facebook)

For Miller, rage rooms are more than just a place to get some stress out. They’re a place for people to experience something totally new, and he loves to see it.

“Seeing that new joy that folks have—it’s not too often in life that you get to see someone do it for the first time. That very pure, authentic look of, ‘Wow, that was a blast’—we get to see that all the time.”

Alex Miller, owner, Opelika Rage Room

Miller explained that we’re starting to see a generational change in what people value. Instead of wanting things, there’s a shift to wanting experiences. Being able to “provide folks with an experience that they’ve never experienced before,” is something that Miller loves about owning Opelika Rage Room. 

Where you can visit

Opelika Rage Room
Opelika’s going to love this. (Opelika Rage Room / Facebook)

We know you’re now in the mood to smash something. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here’s where you can find the new Opelika Rage Room.

BONUS: Want to visit in Birmingham? Alex Miller co-owns a rage room there, too. Here’s the scoop.

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