Samford University is best in the nation for student engagement

Samford University
Samford University ranks #1 in student engagement in the nation. Photo via David Yancey

It’s a great time to be a Bulldog! Yesterday, Wall Street Journal ranked Samford University as #1 in the nation for student engagement and the #1 college in Alabama.

Samford University students—best in class and on-campus

Moving up a spot in student engagement from last year and keeping the reigning record of the best college in Alabama, Samford University is coming out on top again and again. In order to rank student engagement, Wall Street Journal looked at how students feel engaged with their:

  • Education
  • Peers
  • Professors

High student engagement is good because it shows a university being good at:

  • Informing students
  • Inspiring students
  • Challenging students

“Being ranked first in the nation for student engagement by The Wall Street Journal is an honor for Samford.

Our faculty and staff work tirelessly and have remained resilient, especially during these unprecedented times, to create engaging learning opportunities for students so they will be informed, inspired and challenged.”

Beck A. Taylor, President, Samford University

Samford was chosen as the best college in Alabama due to:

  • Learning environment
  • Overall student outcomes
  • Resources
  • Student engagement

Samford’s growing list of achievements

These impressive rankings from the Wall Street Journal aren’t the only good news about Samford recently. Last week, U.S. News & World Report ranked Samford University as one of the top universities for undergraduate teaching in the nation.

“Although national rankings are just one measure of success, the recognition provides affirmation for our students, employees and alumni. 

Today, and every day, we celebrate our students as they advance their educational and professional goals and pursue their personal growth in service and faith.”

Beck A. Taylor, President, Samford University

With the growing list of accomplishments, who knows what’s next for Samford. We know it can only be something good.

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