Solar technology could save Alabama a lot of money

Uab Solar House
Solar House at The University of Alabama at Birmingham. (The Bama Buzz)

It’s no secret that solar energy is amazing for the environment. Well, it’s also doing wonders for Alabama residents’ wallets, according to a report from Consumer Affairs. Keep reading to see how solar energy is saving Alabama money and how you can install solar technology at your home.

Save $$$ with solar energy

A solar panel project in Colbert County near the town of Cherokee, Alabama. (TVA)

According to a report by Consumer Affairs, installing solar technology is a big way that Alabama residents can save money. Here are ways that Alabama is ranking on top when it comes to putting cash back in your wallet due to solar energy:

  • Alabama is the fourth state in the nation where individuals save the most money by using solar panels.
  • Residents can save $1,300 within the first year of installation.
  • Enough money is saved after ten years of using solar power to buy a new Rolex Pearlmaster ($13,140).

How can you install solar power at your home?

Solar Power
Alabama Power and Mercedes-Benz brought solar power to Lowndes County. (Alabama Power)

If this report is convincing you to install solar power at your home, then it’s time to find a local solar energy company. Here’s how you can start the installation process:

  • Schedule a consultation with a local solar energy company
  • Have your home assessed
  • Sign a contract and get the correct permits
  • Schedule and start installation
  • Have a final inspection
  • Enjoy the benefits of solar power

If you’re curious about what a solar home looks like, find out what we learned when we visited Alabama’s solar home in Blount County. We know you’ll enjoy the benefits of helping our environment and saving money if you decide to install solar panels.

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