The Hound celebrates a decade of Southern roots in Auburn

The Hound
Happy 10th, Hound! (Maggie Dazzio / Bama Buzz)

Auburn is creating a rapidly winning food scene and one of our favorite spots, The Hound, hit their 10 year anniversary on Wednesday, March 16. Here’s all you need to know about who they are, the impact they have made and what’s to come.

How it all started

The Hound
Lodge-style bar. (Maggie Dazzio / Bama Buzz)

Back in 2012, Matt and Jana Poirier opened a restaurant and entertainment space embodying southern hospitality and American classics. The hunting lodge vibe is meant to exemplify Alabama’s culture and create a space that represents their deep family-oriented atmosphere. They source locally and regionally, as well as from their family farm in Lafayette, AL.

The Hound started small, yet quickly became famous for their brunch, bacon and top shelf bourbon. Looking back on 10 years, they have been featured as an esteemed culinary location through many different outlets including Southern Living and Cooking Channel, along with winning multiple hospitality awards.

The Hound’s greatest hits

The Hound
Bacon and bourbon, The Hound’s pride and joy. (Maggie Dazzio / Bama Buzz)

To celebrate a decade of authentic Southern delicacy, The Hound brought back fan favorites all week. Here’s a sneak peek of what we saw:

  • The BTA: house bacon, smoked turkey, fresh avocado, heirloom apple, Brie cheese, and honey dijon on grilled sourdough.
  • Bourbon spiked caramel popcorn with bacon and peanuts.
  • Venison Burger: half Venison and half bacon, pepper jack, green tomato chow chow, lettuce and chipotle aioli
  • Gravy flight

These classics are part of the reason Auburn is growing as an admired food city, and you don’t want to miss out.

What’s next?

The Hound
The perfect patio. (The Hound / Facebook)

The Hound has hit a very important milestone in their culinary career, so what’s next? Following increased demand and love for their patio, they hope to open bidding up soon for an exciting project that will cover the outdoor patio. Cheers to the next 10 years, Auburn.

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