The Women’s Fund of Greater Birmingham expands statewide

Women'S Foundation Of Alabama
The Women’s Fund of Greater Birmingham rebrands to the Women’s Foundation of Alabama. Photo via Women’s Fund of Greater Birmingham

The Women’s Fund of Greater Birmingham (WFGB) decided it is time to extend a helping hand to women in cities across Alabama. Let me introduce you to the new and improved Women’s Foundation of Alabama. Keep reading to learn more about the expansion.

They will be empowering women in more cities than Birmingham

Women'S Foundation Of Alabama
They plan to support and encourage women in every city in Alabama. Photo via Women’s Fund of Greater Birmingham

What is the Women’s Fund of Greater Birmingham, you ask? Allow me to shed some light on the organization.

WFGB is a public nonprofit foundation focused on addressing the needs of women and girls through philanthropy and advocacy—it is also Alabama’s first (and only) organization to do so. President and CEO Melanie Bridgeforth that their efforts will be expanding across the state.

They will now be known as the Women’s Foundation of Alabama (WFA).

Meet the Women’s Foundation of Alabama

Women'S Foundation Of Alabama
How to you feel about the expansion? Photo via Women’s Fund of Greater Birmingham

Although, the name has changed, the mission is still the same. WFA will continue to drive the mission of gender and economic equity—like it has done for the past 20 years.

“Where women lead, change follows. I came here three years ago with a vision of building the most powerful philanthropic and leadership voice for women the state has ever seen. At the same time, women were calling for an organization to stand in the gap with them. We listened and answered the call to unify women diverse in background, perspective, geography, race and lived experience.”

Melanie R. Bridgeforth, CEO & President, Women’s Foundation of Alabama

The agency’s board of directors and community stakeholders made the decision after studying the idea and mapping out the state’s needs. Rosanne Crocker, the Chair of the Board of Directors, says they noted the barriers for women the state and voted unanimously to expand.

Here are their plans

WFA plans to add board members and stakeholders throughout the state as well as groups of volunteers. The goal is to create and advance opportunities for women through initiatives, research and nonpartisan policies.

“My service on the board of directors is a clear example of our commitment to geographic representation and the aspiration to reflect the unique experiences of women regardless of the city they call home.”

Cathy Randall, Board member and Chairman, Women’s Foundation of Alabama

Policy opportunities include:

  • Access to quality child care
  • Flexible hours
  • Equal pay

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