This Pike County vending machine offers something unique—find out what

An amazing way to get kids reading. (Pike County Elementary School / Facebook)

Vending machines are known for offering a variety of quick-grab snack items and soft drinks, but not at Pike County Elementary School (PCES). Check out the school’s newest addition—a book vending machine that’s getting students excited about reading in a whole new way.

The idea of equipping PCES with a book vending machine came about in August 2021 when one of the school’s teachers first learned about them and the positive impact they have on kids. But to purchase the machine and books to fill it, the school needed to raise $5,000. Thanks to teachers, students and the community, fundraising efforts were put in place and less than a year later, PCES was able to purchase the machine.

According to the PCES’s Facebook page, Troy University’s Kappa Delta Pi Honor Society donated $300 so the school could buy books for the machine. 

How it works

While the average vending machine takes real money, book vending machines do something different. The goal of the machine is to encourage reading and good behavior, so in order to use it, students in pre-k through 6th grade must earn a golden token.

When students earn a token, they may visit the machine and select a book based on grade-level appropriate criteria.

Personally, I would have LOVED this as an elementary school student. What do you think?

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Patience Itson
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