Tuscaloosa is ready for summer with these 6 exciting coffee shop drinks

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Summer is the perfect time to try new drinks while exploring Tuscaloosa. (Morgan Byerley/ The Bama Buzz)

It’s officially summer, and these coffee shops have mixed up some fun drinks to keep Tuscaloosa cool. From Orange Blossom Cappuccinos to Peachy Bolts, there’s a perfect drink for everyone. Keep reading to see which drink you want to try this summer.

1. Tropical Tea Lemonade—Monarch

Monarch’s new summer drinks include their Tropical Tea Lemonade and Orange Blossom Cappuccino. (Monarch Espresso Bar/ Instagram)

Looking for a tropical twist on a classic lemonade? Try Monarch’s Tropical Tea Lemonade with a slice of lemon. This summery drink is the perfect refreshment for a hot summer day in Alabama.

Monarch also offers an Orange Blossom Pistachio Cappuccino, which adds a fresh citrusy twist to the classic cappuccino.

2. Bolts—Strange Brew

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Strange Brew’s Bolts are the perfect summer drink with a variety of flavors. (Strange Brew/ Instagram)

If you’re looking for a refreshing drink that combines energy drinks with summer flavors, look no further than Strange Brew’s Bolts. These electric drinks are sure to give you a boost of energy all summer long.

Some of their top Bolts include their Peaches Peaches Peaches which-you guessed it-is peach flavored with white lotus energy. Another popular drink is the Emerald Coast Bolt which features blue raspberry and green apple flavors. Stop by Strange Brew to try these colorful and energizing drinks.

3. Cold Brewed Peach Tea—Turbo

Turbo Coffee has three locations across Alabama in Tuscaloosa, Florence, and Huntsville. (Turbo Coffee/ Instagram)

Turbo has created the perfect drink for peach lovers with their Cold Brewed Peach Tea. This peachy drink is both cool and refreshing and can be served with green or black tea depending on preference.

4. Fruit Smoothies—Heritage House

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Heritage House is a popular coffee shop for both students and Tuscaloosa locals. (Heritage House/ Instagram)

With flavors like mango, banana and strawberry, Heritage House’s smoothies are the perfect drink for summer. These smoothies are easily customizable, so feel free to get one flavor or mix and match for more options.

5. Affogato—Monarch

Monarch’s Affogato Fridays are the best way to start the weekend. (Morgan Byerley/ The Bama Buzz)

Everyone knows that ice cream and coffee are better together. Earlier this summer, the owners of Monarch opened Moonshot Creamery which features innovative ice cream flavors like Creme Brulee and Sea Salt.

To combine the best of both worlds, Monarch just started Affogato Fridays which features Moonshot’s ice cream and Monarch’s signature espresso.

Make sure to stop by Monarch on Fridays and try one of the only affogatos in Tuscaloosa.

6. Honeydew Bubble Tea—Boba Mania

BobaMania is offering exciting new drinks all summer long. (BobaMania/ Instagram)

Every week BobaMania is showcasing a new summer flavor. So far their summer specials have included Sangria, Strawberry Tea and Mango Milk Tea.

This week’s flavor is their popular Honeydew, which features the classic milk tea with a refreshing honeydew flavor. Be sure to look out for BobaMania’s new summer special every week.

Which summer drink have you tried in Tuscaloosa? Let us know on Instagram and Facebook!

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