Drink up with 5 refreshing craft cocktails in Tuscaloosa

Catch 22 Cocktails
Catch 22 is officially my new favorite cocktail bar in town. Photo via Libby Foster for The Bama Buzz

If there’s one thing Tuscaloosa does right, it’s a cocktail. Whether it’s game day or a Monday afternoon, there are endless drinks in Title Town to discover. Truly, Tuscaloosa is filled with great bars hidden around every corner. I sampled drinks at some of the most famous cocktail bars in T-Town and picked my favorite at each. Cheers!

1. The Blueberry Milkshake at Catch 22

Catch 22 Cocktails
Catch 22 makes their signature liquor infusions in house. Photo via Libby Foster for The Bama Buzz

Catch 22 is a Tuscaloosa cocktail tradition. The bar is lined with endless liquor infusions from pickle to blueberry, which is the secret ingredient to the bar’s delicious cocktails. Even better, Catch 22 is filled with people of all ages and backgrounds, which makes it welcoming and interesting.

Catch 22 Cocktails
Left to right: spicy margarita, blueberry milkshake and coffee drink. Photo via Libby Foster for The Bama Buzz

My friends and I tried the spicy margarita, coffee drink and blueberry muffin at Catch 22. Every cocktail was outstanding, but the blueberry muffin took the cake. The drink is made with blueberry-infused vodka, frangelico, lemon juice, simple syrup and cream. It’s possibly the most refreshing dessert cocktail I’ve ever had.

2. The Chupacabra at Nocturnal Tavern

Nocturnal Tavern Tuscaloosa
Nocturnal Tavern serves delicious cocktails in a spooky atmosphere. Photo via Libby Foster for The Bama Buzz

Nocturnal Tavern is one of the most unique spots in Tuscaloosa. The vampire-themed bar is hidden in the Temerson Square entertainment district. As soon as you enter, you’re confronted by a foyer soaked in red light. The bar itself lies just beyond the foyer, and its glossy black color scheme feels like something straight from a Transylvanian castle.

The Chupacabra was the best drink we had at Nocturnal. It’s made with jalapeño triple sec, agave, orange and lemon lime soda. The cocktail is the perfect combination of spicy and sweet. If you’re feeling extra spooky, Nocturnal also makes refreshing absinthe drinks.

3. Tea Time at Session Cocktails

Session Cocktails
A portion of the profits from the Tea Time drink at Session go to the Tuscaloosa Metro Animal Shelter. Photo via Libby Foster for The Bama Buzz

Session Cocktails amplifies any night. The upscale bar serves modern drinks in a fun and friendly atmosphere. Truly, nothing on Session’s menu is a bad choice.

My favorite drink at Session is the Tea Time. The cocktail is a mix of earl grey-infused vodka, honey and lemon. It’s like an alcoholic Arnold Palmer but better (and probably a *little* stronger, too). My favorite thing about the Tea Time, though, is that a portion of the drink’s proceeds are donated to the Tuscaloosa Metro Animal Shelter. Cheers to that!

4. The old fashioned at Alcove International Tavern

Alcove Tavern
The old fashioned at the Alcove gets me every time. Photo via Alcove International Tavern on Facebook

The Alcove is easily my favorite bar in town. It’s inviting, warm and affordable. Not to mention, they have an original band almost every Friday (see you there!).

The old fashioned at The Alcove is a classic order, and it never fails. The bourbon drink compliments the classy yet down-home feel of the bar.

5. The Nicodemus at Nick’s in the Sticks

Nicodemis Tuscaloosa
The Nicodemis is a super strong and delicious drink. Photo via Nick’s in the Sticks on Facebook

If you’re looking for the strongest and sweetest drink in Tuscaloosa, look no further than the Nicodemus. The cocktail is the signature drink of Nick’s in the Sticks, one of the best restaurants in town. It’s made with fruit punch, vodka, rum, tequila, Bacardi 151 and a cherry. Whoo-wee!

What’s your signature drink order in Tuscaloosa? Tag @thebamabuzz and toast with us!

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