Plan a romantic evening with these 4 date night ideas in Mobile

My Valentine & I will be taking a page from this article. Guess which date we’ll be choosing! (Liv George / The Bama Buzz)

We are officially T-Minus 10 days from Valentine’s Day, the most romantic (or most cheesy, depending on your opinion) day of the year. If you’re still on the hunt for the absolutely perfect Valentine’s Day date for you and your boo, look no further! We’ve got you covered with four different takes on date night down here on the Gulf Coast.

Date 1: Traditional & Romantic

Perfect Date for: a hopeless romantic

We all know the traditional date of dinner and drinks. While it might be a little cliche, it’s a classic for a reason! You’ve got tons of options for this date night, but here are our suggestions. Don’t forget to call your restaurant & place reservations for your romantic night.

(NOTE: Many local, upscale restaurants are closed on Mondays & Valentine’s Day this year falls on a Monday. For timeless & local options, check out Dumbwaiter Restaurant & Osman’s Restaurant.)

Date 2: Outdoors & Adventures

Perfect Date for: a tree-hugger

Everyone’s got that outdoorsy person in their lives. If your outdoorsy person is also your special someone, consider taking them out for a picnic at a lovely outdoor spot this Valentine’s Day. We suggest keeping your eye on the Gulf Coast weather and planning a backup date, since it could start raining at basically any moment. Either way, though, the gesture of a gorgeous outdoor date will mean the world.

Date 3: Historical & Educational

Perfect Date for: a history buff

We genuinely cannot stress enough how much history Mobile has to offer. We also cannot stress enough how perfect of a date our lovely museums make. Whatever kind of history your Valentine is into, we’ve got a museum for it, so take a stroll through a museum and book a night at a bed & breakfast for the perfect historical date.

Date 4: Cozy & Low-key

Perfect Date for: a homebody

Maybe Valentine’s Day isn’t your thing. Maybe you’re trying to save some money this month. Whatever your reason for staying in this Valentine’s day, you can still have a lovely evening in with your honey. Order some yummy takeout, build a fort, and stream a great movie.

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Liv George
Liv George

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