3 reasons you need to visit Africkytown Ebi Boutique’s grand opening on Feb. 12

Just how cool are these t-shirts? (Africkytown Ebi Boutique)

Hello and welcome to Small Business Monday, that special day of the week where we at The Bama Buzz pick a small business from all over the state to highlight them and their excellence. On the roster for Mobile is Africkytown Ebi Boutique, a small Black-owned shop that’s about to open a brick-and-mortar location on Saturday, February 12.

Keep reading to learn all about this local shop!

Meet Derek & Inez Tucker

Family is at the heart of Africkytown Ebi. (Africkytown Ebi Boutique)

Derek & Inez Tucker are native Mobilians. Derek serves as the Pastor for Union Missionary Baptist Church of Plateau, which serves the Africatown community. Inez works at a local school as a P.E. teacher & intensive reading teacher. Their shared passion for the history of Africatown and the true history of Mobile is what drove this couple to start Africkytown Ebi Boutique.

We have to be proactive in history. Not locking it up, but keeping it open so that it doesn’t die and so that our children are aware of who they are and where they come from.

Inez Tucker, Co-Owner, Africkytown Ebi Boutique
(Africkytown Ebi Boutique)

Family is at the heart everything Africkytown Ebi does. Its name even means family, with “Ebi” being a Yoruba word for “family.” Derek & Inez work closely and tirelessly with the Mobile community to educate them on Africatown and the culture that’s formed around it through community outreach and, of course, their shop.

“The basis of Africkytown Ebi is to just to bring it together for family. And when we say family, we mean everyone. Not just African-Americans, not just people of African descent, but everyone, all of the cultures. Let’s come together, let’s learn about Africatown and bring the cultures together.”

Inez Tucker, Co-Owner, Africkytown Ebi Boutique

Now that we know all about this lovely little business and its noble mission, let’s take a look at 3 reasons to check them out at their grand opening on February 12th.

1. Support a local Black-owned business

Only 3% of businesses in Mobile are Black-owned, making a shop devoted to Africatown and African apparel all the more special. Since February is Black History Month, why not honor the occasion by shopping local at a Black-owned boutique?

2. Great prices on boutique clothing & accessories

On top of being a business with an impressive mission, Africkytown Ebi Boutique has the cutest clothes and accessories at an affordable price to boot. Even if you only have $20, you can come out of Africkytown Ebi with something precious to add to your wardrobe.

3. Authentic African apparel

Since the focus is on culture at Africkytown Ebi, you won’t be shocked to find their inventory is either directly from Africa or, at the very least, heavily inspired by African patterns and motifs. From jewelry to clothes, there’s a little touch of Africa in all of Africkytown Ebi’s products.

Ready to visit yourself?

(Africkytown Ebi Boutique)

Well, mark you calendars because the official Africkytown Ebi Boutique storefront opens Saturday, February 12 at 10AM at 301 Government Street, Mobile, AL 36602. Can’t wait that long? We get it! Check out their website and shop online now.

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