5 new openings in Huntsville, including Regale Cupcakery

Openings In Huntsville
The most delicious openings in Huntsville. Photo Regale Cupcakery’s Facebook

Ready for some tasty new openings in Huntsville? This is perfect for all you foodies out there. From a cupcakery to barbeque joints, read on for the deets on five exciting new spots to discover.

1. Regale Cupcakery

Openings In Huntsville
You HAVE to check out their menu. Photo via Regale Cupcakery’s Facebook

One bite of these gorgeous cupcakes and your mouth will start to water. Try a signature cupcake or build your own.

Be sure to give their coffee drinks a try, too. I know your taste buds will enjoy this opening in Huntsville.

2. Hammer Heads Daiquiri Bar

Openings In Huntsville
Phone should eat first here! Photo via Hammer Heads Daiquiri Bar’s Facebook

We’ve teased you with this one before. Now we can say it’s officially open for biz!

I am looking forward to their Instagram-worthy brunches. Take a look at their Facebook for plenty of foodie inspiration.

3. Moe’s Original Bar B Que

Openings In Huntsville
Meet me at Moe’s. Photo via @mobmadison Instagram

Moe’s Original Bar B Que was one of my faves in college—for both food and drinks. Moving to Huntsville, I was more than pleased to find out there would be more than one Moe’s.

Now, there’s three, with a new location in Madison. Trust me, you can’t go wrong with their menu.

4. Superhero Chefs

Openings In Huntsville
Yummy. Photo via Superhero Chefs’ Facebook

Coming soon to Huntsville, Superhero Chefs serves up superhero-themed American cuisine with a twist. Check out their menu and get excited.

Will you try the War Eagle Burger or the Roll Tide Burger? Or maybe you’ll keep it neutral with a delicious Bama Burger.

Stay tuned to their Facebook for updates on when they’ll open.

5. Fusion Barbecue

Openings In Huntsville
Counting down until I can taste Fusion Barbecue for myself. Photo via Crunkleton Commercial Real Estate Group

Coming late spring 2022 to revived Lincoln Mill campus, Fusion Barbecue will serve delicious eats with unique flavors.

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