NEW runway at Cullman Regional Airport is officially ready for takeoff 

(Cullman Regional Airport)
The ribbon cutting on October 20. (Cullman Regional Airport)

Cullman Regional Airport just received a new makeover. The main 5,500-foot-long, 100-foot-wide landing strip has been rebuilt with new pavement and sod. Keep reading to get all the details on this project.

Cullman Regional Airport

Sights from the sky! (Cullman Regional Airport)

Beginning in the 1950s, three families worked together to build a small airport supported by the governor at the time, according to Cullman Regional Airport. The first landing strip went East to West and was 2800 feet long. The main runway was built just a few years later at 4500 feet long. Today, the main landing strip has gained 1000 feet and recently has received improvements.

The improvements

The project of improving the main speedway costed roughly $4.2 million. Luckily, a sizable portion of the funds came from federal grants. In fact, $3.6 million came in the form of a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) grant, while other funds were supplied by the Alabama Department of Transportation, the City of Cullman, and Cullman County.

To make improvements, the runaway had to be completely shut down so the previous tarmac could be dug up and rebuilt. On October 20, the airport celebrated this major feat with a ribbon cutting ceremony. Some of the original airport board members even attended—these folks were a key part in getting the airport off the ground over 60 years ago.

The ribbon-cutting ceremony was held on October 20 and many of the original airport board members attended. These folks were a key part in getting the airport off the ground over 60 years ago.

Keep soaring Cullman!

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