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Beautiful views in Mobile. (Nathan Watson / Bham Now)

In his daily newsletter, Mobile Mayor Sandy Stimpson announced the unanimous approval of proposed annexation plans for several West Mobile neighborhoods by the Mobile City Council. This comes after months of public discussion, an extensive third-party analysis and countless meetings with stakeholders across Mobile. Read on for details and what this means for the city.

Expanding Mobile

Views from Downtown Mobile. (Bham Now)

According to the City of Mobile, Airport Corridor, Cottage Hill Corridor, Kings Branch and Orchard Estates have been proposed to be brought into the city through annexation.

Now that the initial plans have been approved by the City, residents from the four areas have the opportunity to vote on whether or not they want to join the City of Mobile.

“I want to sincerely thank all six members of the Mobile City Council for their unanimous support today and for the work they’ve all put into getting us here. Together, the council and many of our staff members have worked hard to make this a transparent and collaborative process. We appreciate everyone who has played a role so far.”

Mayor Sandy Stimpson, City of Mobile – from his daily newsletter

A step in the right direction

If all four areas approve annexation, it’ll push the city’s overall population past 200,000. That’ll make it the second largest city in Alabama, beating out Montgomery and Birmingham.

“Growing our city will put Mobile on a path to better serve current residents and those living in our extended police jurisdiction. Inviting these areas to join the City of Mobile gives us an opportunity to reclaim our place as the second largest city in Alabama and ensure that Mobile’s momentum isn’t stifled by an inability to grow in the future.”

Mayor Sandy Stimpson, City of Mobile – from his daily newsletter

These new additions would certainly help the city grow. Mobile is on a roll, check out more exciting happenings from The Azalea City:

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