NEW: Noccalula Falls to undergo $11M makeover

Noccalula Falls
Noccalula Falls” by alwright1 is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Good news for Gadsden! Noccalula Falls—a stunning outdoor destination with hiking trails, campgrounds and a breathtaking 90-foot waterfall—is getting a major makeover. Keep reading for all the details. 

The $11M renovation at Noccalula Falls Campground

According to Modern Campground, the Gadsden City Council just approved Lambert Contracting LLC’s $11,376,500 bid for a major renovation at Noccalula Falls. This project includes:

  • Realignment + expansion of the internal roadway network (including decorative lighting)
  • New utility services
  • Reconstruction + realignment of RV parking spots
  • Bathhouse renovations
  • New zero-entry swimming pool + large pavilion
  • New administrative office
  • Reconstruction + resurfacing of lower parking lot
  • New gateway signage
  • Landscaping upgrades

According to ABC33/40 News, the makeover will begin on January 15. It’s expected to take approximately a year to complete.

This project will help bring even more visitors to Noccalula Falls Campground, which is famous for its breathtaking waterfall and annual Art on the Rocks event.

More news for Gadsden

This is huge news for one of Gadsden’s most popular attractions, but it’s not the only exciting development there. Check these out:

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