The Insider Collective Eatery is bringing P.S. Taco Company and 5 other businesses to Downtown Mobile—what you need to know

The Insider Collective Eatery Downtown Mobile Loda
With a location on Lower Dauphin street, The Insider is guaranteed to be packed full of flavor. (The Insider Collective Eatery)

New business alert! The Insider Collective Eatery will be Mobile’s first food hall. Want to learn more? Keep reading to learn all the delicious details.

What is The Insider Collective Eatery?

The Insider Collective Eatery Downtown Mobile
The flavor of Wemo’s famous wings can be found at The Insider’s The Chicken District. (Wemo’s Wings)

The Insider will be Mobile’s first food hall. The establishment will feature five different local vendors, each with their own unique, specialized menus operating under the same roof. Think of it as an upgraded food court with a variety of cuisines, high-quality grub, tasty cocktails and a fantastic atmosphere.

The concept comes from Matt Lemond, owner of two of Mobile’s most popular bars, POST and O’Daly’s Irish Pub.

“For a lot of aspiring restaurateurs, opening up a brick-and-mortar Downtown can be scary—and expensive. My goal is that these vendors can incubate themselves and eventually move into other vacant buildings Downtown. To me, that’s a success story.”

Matt Lemond, owner, for Mobile Bay Magazine

Who are the vendors?

The Insider Collective Eatery Downtown Mobile Loda
P.S. Taco Company’s famous tacos will now be available downtown! (The Insider Collective Eatery)

Ever run into the classic issue where everyone wants something different for dinner? Skip the debate and head to The Insider to try their selection of 6 different vendors.

In the mood for Latin cuisine? Luckily for you, P.S. Taco Company is the first vendor on The Insider’s list and is perfect for satisfying your craving. P.S. Taco’s menu is based on the best tacos around the world. The grand opening of The Insider will mark the company’s third location in Mobile.

Looking for a big, juicy burger? The Hammered Cow’s take on the smash-style patty is sure to make you drool. At The Insider, you’ll have the option to try a deliciously fresh burger off the menu or build your own.

Missing mom’s southern cooking? Arabelle will give you that taste of home. The menu honors the traditions of southern and coastal cooking. They will be offering a delicious menu (it includes the establishment’s phenomenal fried hand pies) and a plethora of their delicious canned goods, like pepper jelly and candied jalapenos.

The Chicken District is a concept straight from the minds at Wemo’s Wings. They’ll be bringing their famous wings and a few new items, packed full of chicken, of course, so you can enjoy the best chicken in Mobile no matter what side of town you’re on.

If you’re looking for a taste of Hawaii, The Insider won’t let you down. Poke Bowl Sushi Burrito is bringing their tasty fusion menu over the bay so that Mobilians can get their sticky rice fix.

Finish your meal off with a cocktail at Double Tap. Double Tap is a bar operated by Lemond himself. As the man behind POST and O’Daly’s, Double Tap definitely won’t disappoint.

Try it for yourself!

The Insider Collective Eatery Downtown Mobile
Arabelle’s delicious southern coastal cuisine will be available at The Insider. (Arabelle LLC)

The Insider will be located a short distance away from POST, O’Daly’s and Chuck’s Fish on Dauphin Street and is set to open late this spring. Stay tuned to their Facebook page for more information.

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